Why We Should Not Buy Used Stroller?

Baby strollers are the best way to carry the child. They are not only to carry the child; they are also to keep the child safe while you are carrying in various places. A standard baby stroller can be $20-$1500. That is why some people think to order a used stroller within 20-100. But the fact is the security and the quality.

If you really care about the safety of your child, you should not order a used baby stroller. They are only low in price but the quality of them is not a good standard. Let’s see Why Should not buy used stroller.

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  • A used baby stroller’s seat belt can be unsafe for the baby. They are usually included in the stroller to hold the child. If the belt is not in a good condition, it can be a big accident.
  • We know most of the baby strollers have come with the parking brakes. If you order a used stroller, the brakes can be broken at any time. Brakes failure means it can be an accident.
  • There is also a wheel lock system in most of the strollers. This wheel lock makes it easy to move the stroller only in the forward direction. But in a used stroller, you cannot be sure this lock is in a good condition.
  • Stroller’s wheels are very important for easy movement of the stroller. For easy maneuverability of the stroller, it is very important to have a good standard of wheels. But most of the used baby stroller wheels are not in a good condition. They can be broken at any time. As a result, you will be unable to use the stroller after a few days.
  • Another important thing is the shock absorbing system or the suspension system of the stroller. This feature helps the parent to use the stroller on rough surfaces. But when you will use a used baby stroller, it is not possible to get the best performance.
  • There is no warranty in any parts of a used baby stroller.

You will be surprised if you know the satisfaction level of the used strollers. Around 70% of the users of used strollers have said they haven’t got a good deal. They bought a new one instead of that old one. That means they have to spend money more than the new one. That is why I will suggest you to order a new stroller to stay secured about the quality and also about the child.