If you want to know the essential winter baby care tips and products then this is the article to read to get everything perfectly well.

As winter approaches, most of us parents go into overdrive while trying to prepare our babies for the challenging few months ahead. As the temperatures begin to drop, dangers of viruses and colds over whelming our kids become very real.

This is why you need a plan of action such that when winter arrives, all shall sail smoothly. A few hitches here and there are unavoidable, but you should be able to avoid the mothers of events (MoEs). Always close baby's room window. But don't keep your house too hot. You need to be armed with some of the best winter baby care tips and products to keep your baby safe.

In today’s article, we are going to look at some of the things that you will always need to remember when handling your baby during winter. In addition, we will highlight some of the baby products that will come in handy when the cold finally arrives.

Having A Winter Baby Checklist

  • Moisturizing Lotions
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Best Diffuser and Humidifier
  • Snowsuits / Bunting
  • Warm Sweaters and Jackets
  • Socks, Mittens, Hat and Booties
  • Blankets, Sleeping Bags and Quilts
  • Baby Sunscreen
  • Disposable Diapers and Nappies
  • Home and Car Emergency Kits
  • Fleece Pad and Flannel Crib Sheets
  • Room Thermometer



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Best Soft Winter Mittens Gloves For Baby

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How To Take Care Of Newborn Baby : How To Keep Your Baby Cozy All Winter

In winter, the harsh weather can be too unbearable even for us adults. Now imagine what your baby might feel like if she was not properly taken care of. However, there are very many ways in which you can ensure that your baby stays cold free and cozy all winter. Here are some.

Newborn Baby In Winter

1. Hands That Handle The Baby Should Be Washed

During winter, flu and colds become like a norm. This is because most of the people stay indoors and breathe the same stale recycled air indoors. Viral infections, therefore, begin to have a field day, and if those handling the baby do not observe proper hygiene, the baby might get infected too.

To ensure that this does not happen, make it a rule that whoever handles the baby has to wash her hands with sanitizers. It could be guests or family members, but rules are rules.

2. Dress The Baby In Layers, But Don’t Use Excess Layers

Because it is winter, our maternal instincts always tell us to dress the baby in layers and layers of warm clothes. In our wisdom, we believe that this could be the only way of keeping the baby warm in the biting cold.

The general rule of thumb when dealing with matters related to layering in winter is that the baby should be dressed in one extra layer above what the adults have used. So, if you have two layers, then the baby should probably be in three.

But first of all, check the baby’s temperature to ensure that she is not too hot or too cold. Then remove or add another layer of clothing. Here, the comfort of the baby is key.

3. Use Stroller Covers

Just because it is during winter, it does not mean that you and your baby should be confined to the house all day. You need to go for walks once in a while so that the two of you can enjoy the fresh breath of air, albeit if it cold.

When out and about in the stroller, ensure it is covered against the cold winds. This, in addition to the layers (a mitten and a hoodie should be there) should help keep your baby safe from any cold wind.

4. Warm Baths, Not Hot Baths

After taking a walk in the cold, you may have a feeling that the kid may be feeling cold and needs a bath. Some of you tend to go hot with the baths to get rid of the cold faster. This is quite unfortunate and makes the baby’s skin drier.

When it is bath time, usually the night time one, use lukewarm water and do not prolong the bath time unnecessarily. The warm water may be nice for the baby, but it strips her skin off moisture.

5. Always Keep The Room Warm

Your baby’s room needs to be kept warm throughout winter. You may have done all the above, but if her room stays cold, the efforts could be for nothing. All the windows need to be closed so that the cold air doesn’t enter the baby nursery.

You can use heating appliances in the room. You could use geysers or heaters to provide the needed warmth.  Just as you strive to keep the room warm, ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the room. It should not be stuffed up in there.

6. Continue Breastfeeding If You Can

During the winter when flu and colds creep in, your baby’s immune system will be her biggest defense. Although this system is not well developed at this time, breastfeeding is known to be the best boost to her immunity.

This helps tackle the infections that she may develop. In as much as you may succeed in preventing most of the infectious organisms, one or two might still penetrate your protective cover. And you well know, breastfeeding is exclusively advised for the baby’s first six months. If you wants to know more about TopBabyAdvice ?

7. Vaccination Schedule Should Be Followed

Just because it is the winter season, and it is cold outside, it does not mean your baby’s vaccination schedule has to be put on hold. Ensure therefore that you do not miss any of her shots so that she is kept safe from any disease that may strike during these seasons.

In the unlikely event that a shot is missed, call her doctor and book another time when it can be administered to her. The sooner everything gets done, the better it is for you.

8. Do Not Use Too Many Baby Skin Care Products

When it is cold and dry, the baby’s sensitive skin is stripped off of its moisture at a faster rate. When you use too many of the usual baby products such as soaps, shampoo or body wash, the dryness of the skin increases.

To mitigate the potential effects, be a cautious mom/dad and simply give the baby a regular normal bath. Also, you can use mild baby soap, maybe once every week.

9. Continue With The Body Massages

Since it is too cold outside, most moms would skip the baby massages as it might expose the baby to extreme colds. First of all, ensure the room is warm, then let the baby enjoy the benefits of a good massage.

Massaging your baby improves the blood flow in her body, and in effect, it is believed to boost her immunity. Of course, there is little evidence to back up the latter.

To make it an enjoyable experience for the baby, ensure your hands, the oil is all at some warm temperature. A sudden cold touch will be met with sharp screams from the baby.

10. Moisturize

This is important throughout the year, not only during winter. And during these times when the air is cold and dry at times, the moisture balance of the skin can be tampered with. The cold, the wind and skin care products all work against it.

Ensure that after every bath, your baby has moisturizers applied on her. In this way, rashes and dry spots are gotten rid of.

11. Be In Contact With Baby's Pediatrician All Times

With babies, you never know when they might be overwhelmed with the condition that you did not prepare for. Always keeping in touch with her doctor will help ease things along. Don't provide any medicine without consulting newborn's pediatrician.

12. Avoid Baby Bath Product In Winter

In winter season baby needs extra care. Don't bath your baby everyday. You may sponge baby body with hot water mixing sanitizers or antiseptic liquid. Avoid shampoo, soap other liquid soap for bath.

baby dry cheeks in winter

Baby Care Products To Use During Winter To Take Care Of Your Baby

Moisturizing Lotions

How to take care of baby skin in winter ? As earlier mentioned, the winter season is going to make your baby’s lustrous skin too dry if you do not take steps to revitalize it. Otherwise, rashes will develop on her skin, and mommy does not like these.

Best Baby Organics Face & Body Moisturizer

Look for moisturizers such as Nature’s Baby Organics with soothing and natural ingredients such as almond, olive oil, palm oil and the likes. You should avoid the antibacterial soaps and shampoos. Artificial preservatives too should be avoided.

how to dress a newborn baby in winter

Hand Sanitizers

The first baby care tip was to ensure that all hands handling your baby are germs free. And this means that you will need lots of hand sanitizers for a pathogen-free baby handling.

Best Hand Sanitizer

Just as you strive to ensure sick people are not in contact with your baby, it is also a requirement to wash your hands after handling any such person (s). You can use this Hilarious Hand Sanitizer.

how to take care of baby skin in winter


The Mist Aire Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier will come in handy as you strive to moisten the dry air that is associated with winter. One of the devices that will help you keep the moisture in check and help prevent cases of chapped skin is a humidifier.

A warm moist air in the baby’s nursery also helps get rid of colds and flu that may trouble her occasionally. After you have acquired one, do not place it too close to where the baby sleeps, more so if it emits steam.

Humidifier For Newborn Babies

The baby might be tempted to touch her new friend, leading to burns on her hands. Another added advantage is that the sound produced by the humidifier helps babies to sleep better.

Know more about -

Best Humidifier For Newborn Babies
how to take care of newborn baby and mother


Do you wishes taking baby outside in winter ? Wear your baby for warmth. Your baby has to enjoy her regular walks to the stores just as before. But before you do this, she needs to be well prepared for the extreme elements inside. And since you cannot solely rely on a heavy blanket, you may need a snowsuit.

Best Snowsuit Bunting for babies

Do not use this as her only outfit when going out. But you should rather use it on top of other warm clothes, for better warmth retention. Here is one Snowsuit that your baby will absolutely love.

how to dress baby for sleep in winter

Warm Sweaters and Jackets

How to keep your baby warm in winter ? Warm sweaters and jackets are must-have for the winter season. And they should actually be at the very top of this list. Warm sweaters and jackets are the number one item when it comes to keeping the baby warm and cozy, just as mommy likes it.

Best Kids Sweaters Velvet Knitted Hooded Outfit

And to ensure that you are prepared at all times, you need at least two of these from ZOEREA. When one gets dirty, there should always be a fresh one waiting in the wings. If possible, you should have woolen sweaters, as these are always more comfortable, and have better heat retention. If you prepare your baby with warm clothes you may easily taking baby outside in winter without any worries.

How to dress a newborn baby in winter ? See the video -

infants and cold weather

Socks, Hat, Mittens and Booties

How to take care of baby skin in winter ? You may have the warmest and coziest of sweaters, but these do not always offer protection to the cute little fingers and toes. And then there is this tricky matter of keeping the kids’ heads warm. Woolen mittens and socks are great in offering protection against chilly temperatures and winds.

Best Warm Winter Hat for baby

Some babies do not appreciate a cover over their heads, so you need to figure out a way of ensuring the hoodie or knitted cap stays on when outdoors. Once you get back indoors, the socks and mittens should be removed to keep the baby from overheating.

Best Soft Winter Mittens Gloves for baby

Soft and warm booties will also be useful in keeping the warm by minimizing heat loss.

taking baby outside in winter

Blankets, Sleeping Bags and Quilts

Baby Sleeping bag

During the winter season, it is all war against the biting cold. Investing in good quality blankets and sleeping bags for your baby will keep the cold at bay during the night when sleeping is more important than anything else.

Best baby sleeping bag

Choosing a lightweight blanket may not be a good idea at this time as it was during the summer heat. When its winter, they won’t hold up against the snow, chilly winds, and sleet. A heavy blanket, quilt or fleece cover is exactly what your baby needs at this time.

what temperature is too cold for a baby

Baby Sunscreen

I know that look you gave. It is like this is not summer when the sun is up there. It is true that the hot summer sun is what probably warrants the use of sunscreen, but the winter sun also has its effects too.

As the sun’s rays reflect off the snow (and there is a lot of it), it becomes uniquely bright and may even cause sunburns on your baby. This is when you are on a stroll in the snow. For effective protection against the sun, apply sunscreen on the baby’s body before going out.

Best sunscreen for baby

Since some brands can irritate your baby’s skin, ensure you consult with your pediatrician on which is best for her skin. But products such as Think baby Safe Sunscreen should be fine on your baby’s skin.

what temperature is safe to take baby outside

Disposable Diapers and Nappies

In winter, clothes take a little too long to dry. You, therefore, need to stock up your supply of disposable diapers. These help to keep your baby dry at all times, including her clothes. And you will not have to wait for the washable ones to dry first.

Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Diapers Newborn Size

You need to also consider how sensitive your baby’s skin is as you shop for diapers. Pampers Diapers are generally known to be safe for sensitive skin.

dressing baby for winter walks

Should Be Keep Home and Car In Winter

If you taking baby outside in winter make sure your baby is well cover with warm cloths. If your baby is under 6 months, you may carry a bassinet or a car seat. In a newborn house must be keep a set of first aid box and fire extinguisher on your home also in the car.

At Home you needs to stock some common medicine, kit box, must be have candles, matches, oil lamp, torch light, batteries, extra warm cloths, diapers, hand gloves, always keep at home couple of gallons drinking water and some dry foods [ like - biscuits ] that don't require cooking. Keep in mind Winter storms create problems any time. Keep also small gas burners.

At Car should need first aid box, torch light, batteries, ice scrapper, portable radio, always keep a well charged cell phone, couple of drinking water bottle, flux to carry warm water, baby food, baby feeding bottle and some of dry food or ready to eat formula food and snacks.

Keep Your Newborn Baby Safe From Winter Viruses

Most of all are airborne, common viruses, there is not much you can do to protect your baby from this inevitable winter viruses.

  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV
  • Rhinovirus
  • Influenza virus
  • Croup
  • Flu
  • Bronchitis

Take some quick decision and appoint your family Doctor, if your baby attack with these viruses.


1. What Temperature Is Too Cold For A Newborn Baby In Winter ?

Ans - 80 Degrees F or below.

2. What Temperature Is Safe To Take Newborn Baby Outside In Winter ?

Ans - If weather below 20 Degrees F is not safe. 25 - 35 Degrees F is safe.

3. How Cold Is Too Cold For A Child To Be Outside In Winter ?

Ans - When the wind chill is 32 Degrees and above.

4. What Is A Good Room Temperature For A Baby To Sleep In Winter ?

Ans - Most of the Doctor recommend to sleep your newborn baby environment of 65 - 72 Degrees F (20 - 22.5 Degrees C).

5. How Do Keep Your Baby Warm At Night In Winter ?

Ans - Wear your baby diaper and 2-3 layers warm cloth, Also buy a room heater to control your room weather.

6. In General What Temperature Is Too High For A Baby ?

Ans - Normal temperature label is 97 - 100.3 Degrees F. 100.4 degrees F or higher, consider is too high for a baby and baby may be fall in fever.

7. Generally What Temperature Is Too High For A 1 Year Old Infant ?

Ans - 101 Degrees F or higher. Extreme high label is 103 - 104 Degrees F.

8. What Is Considered A Dangerous Fever ?

Ans - Over 104 - 107 Degrees F or higher.

9. When Should Take Your Baby To The Doctor For Fever ?

Ans - When Call A Doctor - A fever in any age child measuring 104 Degrees F (40 Degrees C).

Below 3 months baby 100.4 Degrees F or higher.

Between 3 to 6 months baby 101 Degrees F or higher.

Over 6 months baby 103 Degrees F or higher.

Final Verdict

The winter season presents some challenges when it comes to taking care of your baby. The cold, the flue, the frost bites and UV rays bouncing off the snow can become a little challenging to tackle. However, when you are prepared for these, taking care of your baby becomes a whole lot easier.

We hope that these winter baby care tips and products that we have provided, you will be of great help when taking care of your little one during the extremities of winter.

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