When Can Baby Sit In Stroller Without Car Seat

The question “when can baby sit in a stroller without car seat” has been a hot topic amongst parents as there’s no perfect time. Besides, a whole lot of parents, as well as experts, agree that the best time to transit babies to a stroller is when they can sit up without any support. This invariably means that within three to six months, when babies’ neck muscles are strong enough to hold up the head.

Nevertheless, the best time to do the switching remains a heated debate, which brings a lot of confusion among parents. Therefore, we’ve prepared this informative article to help any parent determine when the right time is for their babies to start sitting in a stroller without a car seat. Let’s delve into some crucial things that determine your baby’s preparedness to transit, and what type of stroller works best when transitioning.

How to Know When to Put Baby in Stroller without Car Seat

As discussed earlier, any parent can easily tell when their baby is more than ready to transition to a stroller when they can independently support their head and neck without any support. This is an obvious indication that their neck muscles are now strong enough to support the head without any fear.

The best line of action is that you test your baby’s preparedness by holding him/her on your shoulder when it is about 3 to 4 months. The moment you notice that your baby is able to hold up the neck without any help from you, then his neck muscles are strong, although it may not be strong enough.

However, by the time he is up to six months, the muscles must have been strong enough to hold up the head comfortably at all the time, not only when sitting. At this point, you are now free to put the baby in a stroller since he can hold up without a problem.

Factors to Consider When Changing from Using Car Seat in Stroller

Now, we expect that within three to four months; our baby should have started showing some readiness to sit upright without anyone’s support. Nevertheless, they may not be able to hold it uprightly for a long time until he’s 6 months of age. Hence, when transition your 3-4 months old baby to learn how use a stroller instead of needing a car seat, you put into consideration some factors about the stroller;

  1. Make sure the stroller completely reclines

Since your baby can’t sit upright or hold his/her head up, it is very crucial for you to see that you have a reclining stroller.

A stroller that reclines fully is accommodating and friendly, thus ensuring your baby’s comfort while trying to learn how to be independent. This is because it provides head and back support, and props up your child so that he doesn’t flop to the side.

  1. Stroller with head support

A stroller with head support is the best bet for a baby that’s learning how to sit comfortably seat uprightly without any support. There are many of them in market you can consider. The good thing about the head support is that it helps to recline the baby a bit in the stroller so that he/she won’t strain their back or neck.

  1. A stroller that allows for a bassinet attachment

If you have a stroller than can easily be fitted to a bassinet, then that’s a good addition as you won’t have to wait till the baby is three to six months old before he can start using the stroller without car seat.

This method works effectively, especially is the stroller can recline so much that your baby is able to lie flat in the bassinet as you stroll. However, many of these strollers can be easily switched from bassinet to stroller seat. That way, the stroller is usable from when the baby is still a newborn and through his toddlerhood.

In a nutshell, a stroller that cannot recline like the umbrella and jogging strollers are not a good fit for your child at all as they won’t provide any support to your baby.

What Should Factors Should I Consider When Looking for A Stroller?

There are some important conditions that’ll determine the type of stroller that’ll ease your schedule as you nurse your baby. These conditions include:

  • Your location:

Do you live close to the city? If yes, then you may have to consider a type of stroller that’s strong enough to maneuver along sidewalks. Some places may even warrant that you collapse your stroller as fast as possible, like when you are heading to board a bus or take a subway. So, if you are a suburban parent, you will have to consider a stroller that can easily fold and fits into your vehicle trunk.

  • Your family:

Considering the fact that you have an older child in the home, a double stroller, or the type with an attachment for an older child will suffice. Mind you, be sure to read the manufacturer’s weight guidelines if you’ll be using an attachment.

  • Your lifestyle:

An umbrella type of stroller might be very handy in cases when you need to run errands or travel. With this type of stroller, you can now take your baby along on your runs. Aside from an umbrella stroller, a jogging stroller will suffice too.

  • Accessories:

If you care about your baby’s stroller having a storage basket, rain cover, blanket, sunshade, or cup holder, there are many of them in the market.

The Safest Type of Stroller for a Baby

There are many strollers available at stores and even online. If you have concerns as regards when baby can start sitting in a stroller without a car seat, you will want to consider a type of stroller that is safe for baby to use.

When purchasing a stroller for your baby, the one that reclines is no doubt the best bet. Since newborns cannot support their head on their own, a stroller that can completely recline permits them to comfortably lie flat and if possibly nap. There are several strollers that’ll feature a bassinet, which can be replaced with the standard stroller seat. Don’t forget that most umbrella strollers, as well as jogging strollers, don’t usually have the recline feature. These strollers are recommended for children six months and older.

Stroller organizations have taken drastic moves in the right direction over recent years to see that their products provide safety. Nevertheless, a whole lot of strollers are not intended to be used with newborns, except they are to be used with an infant car seat. Ensure to opt for a stroller that is approved for use with infants if you’re planning to use one any time from now.

When can you put baby in stroller without car seat : Keeping Baby Safe in a Stroller

Below here are some stroller safety habit and things you should watch out for to ensure your baby’s safety on the stroller:

  • Stability:

See that your baby’s stroller comes with a base that is broad enough to avoid tipping over when your kids lean over the side. Besides, test the reclines of the stroller to see that it doesn’t tip backward while you’re putting your baby in a reclined position.

  • Seat belts:

At all times, make sure that your baby is strapped in. Some strollers feature a three- or five-point harness.

  • Locking:

The folding mechanism must be locked anytime the stroller is in use, so it doesn’t accidentally collapse. When wheels are no longer rolling, keep the wheels locked, and brakes applied.

  • It’s not a shopping cart:

Sometimes, it’s tempting to hang your purse or shopping packs on the handles of your baby’s stroller. They may cause the stroller to tip over backward. Better still, make use of the shopping basket, which is more centered.

  • Stay close:

At every point in time, never leave hour baby to deal with the stroller alone.

  • Take caution when folding

It’s dangerous to keep your baby close to you when opening or closing the stroller as little fingers can get stuck in stroller hinges.


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We believe the question ‘when can you put baby in stroller without car seat’ will no longer cause you any more confusion. And as we’ve said earlier in this article, there are no stipulated rules as regards when to put baby in stroller without a car seat.

For most babies, the preparedness becomes obvious from when the baby is 3 months old. However, the time may vary as kids are different. Mind you, don’t hesitate to consult a pediatrician if you are not sure of your decision.

Keep in mind the safety habits we’ve discussed when using a stroller and the important conditions that you must settle before you opt for the type of stroller to buy.

If you are an active parent and wish to take your baby with you even when using public transportation, then you should get a stroller. We believe strongly that you now well-equipped to make the right decision.

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