UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller Denny Review 2019

UPPAbaby Cruz is one of the greatest inventions of the UPPAbaby. This one has got huge popularity after launching in the market. Though the price of the product is higher than most of the strollers in the market. But if you think about the quality of the product, it will be great.

No one wants to compromise the quality of a product when it is for the child. That is why you should go for the product if you have enough budget. I know you are a little bit confused about the product as it has a high price. That is why here I am writing a review about the product.

Before I started to write the review, I have researched a lot about the product. I have read most of the customer reviews and finally now I am able to give you can honest review about the product. I hope you will never search again about the UPPAbaby Cruz Review after reading the review.

Core Features of the UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller Denny


As I have mentioned in most of my reviews that canopy is one of the most important parts of a stroller. That is why you should consider the quality of the canopy. And the good news is, this stroller has a large canopy. It has built with high-quality fabrics to keep the best protection to the toddler. No matter if you want to carry the toddler on a hot summer day, the extra-large canopy will protect the toddler.

UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller Denny Review

You can also set the canopy at a proper place to make sure that the toddler is getting fresh air. There is a large peekaboo window in the stroller. So you can easily keep eyes on your child when you are traveling to various places. It also helps to maintain a good air flow in the stroller. In winter, you can extend the canopy to protect the toddler from the cold wind.


In every child accessory, there is a good storage space needed to carry all the necessary things of your child. That is why this UPPAbaby CRUZ has designed with a large bin under the seat. This bin is greater than most of the strollers in this category. This bin can accommodate an extra-large diaper easily. It is also easy to top access. As it is open, you can access the bin from any side of the stroller. No matter if you have set the seat of the stroller in a different place, this bin is easy to use.


Today, people are highly depended on the portable products to save spaces at the home. That is why most of the manufacturers of strollers are producing portable products. This UPPAbaby Cruz has also designed with the portability. The weight of the stroller is only 21.6 pounds.

After folding the stroller, you can even carry the stroller on your shoulder. Easy to store in a small space. No matter if you have a small apartment, you can store the stroller under the bed. It is also easy to keep against the wall. It can stand itself on the wheels of the stroller.


If you want to move the stroller with less effort in any surface, the stroller needs a perfect maneuverability. No matter if you are moving the stroller in a rough surface. This UPPAbaby CRUZ has front swivel wheels which help the user to easily move it. Wheels of the stroller are durable and easily move around with the force in the handlebar. Front wheels also can be locked for only forward moving.


If someone asks me what is the most important part of the baby stroller, I will say the safety of the toddler. This stroller has come with great safety. Each wheel of the stroller has the shock absorbing system. This help to stroll the stroller in the rough surfaces without any shaking.

There is a foot brake included in the stroller. You can activate it without moving from the standing position. One-handed multi-position recline system to give the most comfortable ride to the toddler. Also added 5-point harness system. It is easy to put and put off. The adjustable crotch strap fits perfectly with the toddler.

Easy to Use

Don’t be afraid about the features of the product, it is suitable for any parent. No matter if you are a new user of a baby stroller. Most of the customers have said that this one is very easy to use and there is no complication. You can start to use the stroller by reading the instruction of the product. After getting the product, you can easily assemble it within a few minutes. If you follow the proper instruction, you can assemble the stroller within 4 and half minutes.” ]


  • Large sun shade to give the maximum comfort to the child.
  • Each wheel has the shock absorbing system.
  • Foot activated brakes to stop the stroller at any place. Also helpful for parking.
  • The seat of the stroller is very roomy and comfortable. Hold the toddler perfectly with the straps.
  • You can use the stroller also as the car seat.
  • Telescoping adjustable handlebars which are easy to adjust with one button press.
  • You can set the seat in both rear and front position.
  • Included cup holders to carry a water bottle and other beverages.
  • Easy to fold and easy to store in a small space.


  • The price of the product is too high because of the premium features.
  • The maneuverability of the stroller is okay but not the top notch.

Final Verdict

Hope this UPPAbaby Cruz Review was helpful for you. Here I have discussed all the necessary features of the product. It is a high-end product with most of the premium features. Though the price is high but customers of the product are highly satisfied with the quality. You can visit the product page to get more info. If you have found the review helpful, feel free to share with your friends who will love the product.

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