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The last thing that you’d want as a parent is to miss out on your baby’s first road trip. Most importantly, since it is your first time to hit the road with your kid, you’d want everything to carry on flawlessly.

But here's the thing, most young parents think that traveling with babies is quite fatiguing but this is not really the case if you do everything right. As a matter of fact, provided you do everything right, your first road trip could be exactly the opposite of what you'd expect it to be- unfathomable fun.

From my experience with kids, I have picked up some tips and tricks all of which will give you the best time while on the road with your infant kid. Today I'll be letting you in on some tips that have worked for me over the past years and I believe that they'll definitely work for you as well.

Here are 5 tips you should observe to have the best time on the road:

#1 Tips - Do Your Packing The Night Prior to Your Travel Day

The fact that babies are small and tiny doesn't mean that they need less attention than grown-ups do. As a matter of fact, you might be forced to carry more gear than you expected to.

Due to this fact, it is best that you make a list of every essential you’ll be needing on the road and do so while giving your baby the first priority.

Here’s why this is important:

  • You’ll be reducing the departure time stress since you won’t have to rush early in the morning to gather up all the essentials.
  • The likelihood that you’re going to leave something behind is quite low and you won’t have to deal with the nagging screams and cries of your infant.

#2 Tips - Have Everything Important at Arm’s Reach

The first rule of thumb for having the most comfortable time while traveling is to have all the essentials as close by as possible.

Considering you'll be having at least one kid with you in this case, you'll want to have him/her as your first priority. Whereas you could have bulky stuff such as the stroller and luggage bags in the trunk, you should most importantly pay attention to what your kid needs.

Keep some snacks close by, baby bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups etc. close by. This is going to give you a much more comfortable time while traveling as compared to having to pull up every time and reaching into your trunk to get any of these essentials.

There’s more…

As much as snacks might distract your kids and keep their tummy’s full, some kids are prone to chocking and you should only give them snacks when the car is parked.

#3 Tips - Your Essentials Should Be Close by As Well

As much as it is important to give your kid the first priority, it is also important to ensure that you do have your necessities close by as well. It won’t come as a surprise to find the need to go for a quick snack as soon as your kid shuts his/her eyes and drift away into slumber, right?

 Well, as much as this may be really tempting, I’d really advice against it since you most likely will awake your kid. Right beside the snacks and drinks for your infant kid, you should have your own snacks and drinks and you’ll neither risk waking up your kid nor will you drive on an empty stomach.

Only get out of the vehicle when you really have to such as in the case of bathroom breaks or when you have to rush into the store to get something.

#4 Tips - With All Things Set, Enjoy Your Journey

I know this sounds really contradictory but if you do everything right, there’s really no reason you should be worried while driving.

If you have all the essentials close by and have observed every safety precaution, it might just be time for you to enjoy yourself with some good music. Gone are the days when you could pump up the bass as much as you want since as I’ve already mentioned; your infant kid should be the first priority.

I’d recommend that you play some relaxing tunes, not too loud to awake or mess up the hearing of your kid. You won’t really be needing a sub-woofer in this case but simple full-range speakers should do. You’ll find it in your best interest to play some mellow tunes since these might end up calming down your kid and giving everyone a peaceful journey.

#5 Tips - Keep Every Family Member Safe

Without a doubt, your kid should be given first priority on a road trip and it is of utmost importance to observe as many safety precautions as possible. Here are some of them:

  • Have any projectiles secured in the trunk. Anything not secured in place will fly around in the car just in case of an accident and the last thing you want is to risk any of these causing injuries. Ensure that all the bags and suitcases are locked in the trunk.
  • Ensure your vehicle is up to date with any maintenance's scheduled. Have the breaks checked as well as the engine for oil changes before setting out on your road trip.
  • Seat-belts should always be on. Most preferably, you should go with the 3-point seat belts that go over your lap and across your torso. These are suitable since they can also be used with an infant car seat. If the 3-point is not a viable option, you could simply settle with the one that goes over your lap alone since it's better than no seat-belt alone.

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Some FAQ

1. When is it safe to travel with a newborn by plane? It will be safe when your baby is at least 2 weeks old.

2. How soon can a newborn travel long distance by car ? It is safe when your baby is at least 10 months old.

3. Use Airplane Travel Safety Harness Clip Strap System when flying with a newborn baby. Child Airplane Travel Harness, Cares Safety Restraint System, which is only FAA Approved Child Flying Safety Device.

4. Can a 2 month old baby travel on a plane ? Yes, easily you can.

5. Tips for International travel with newborn - 

  • Packing must necessary products and items. 
  • Get a car seat and cover guard.
  • Carry a portable bassinet or Portable Infant Bed Folds Into Backpack.
  • Carry formula milk, hot water thermos for baby, feeding bottle, spoon, baby bibs.
  • Stroller frame which is fit for car seat.
  • Bring your baby carrier.
  • Diaper bag, wett tissue.
  • Consider winter and put winter cloths, hand muff etc on your travel bag.
  • Small Shoulder Hand Bag to carry Cellphone, Purse, Wallet etc.

Finally What We Thought

I believe that having your infant come along with you on your road trip is a much viable option now. Just ensure you have all the necessary gear packed and most importantly observe all the safety precautions and hey, all work and no play indeed does make Jack a dull boy, have a really good sound system and listen to some relaxing tunes that your kid loves.

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