If you are a pregnant woman and want to have a super comfortable sleeping experience, then you should consider buying The Best Pregnancy Body Pillow For Back Pain Maternity Pillow for yourself.  

You notice that your tummy continues to expand as your pregnancy progresses. So you should never compromise in sleeping in the best way possible to keep yourself healthy.

A pregnancy pillow is designed especially for use by pregnant women. In early years, women did not have much chances to buy such kind of pillows or had less knowledge about the importance of having a pillow that would help them to sleep with ease and cause no harm to themselves or their babies inside.

But now, doctors suggest the women to look for opportunities to sleep as much as possible during their pregnancy period.

We Notice Some Best Brands For Pregnancy / maternity Body Pillow

1. Moonlight Slumber 100
2. Leachco 85
3. Todays Mom 80
4. Snuggle Pedic 70
5. Onory 70
6. Coop Home Goods 70
7. Meiz 65
8. Back & Bump Comfort 65
9. Doze 60
10. Queen Rose 60

Moonlight Slumber Comfort Total Body Support Pillow​​​​

Introduction: It is one of the most rated brands and famous for its U-shaped pillow. It is the perfect pillow a pregnant women can ever have. It helps to protect any sort of back aches and you can cradle yourself by sitting on your back or lying down.

Product Description:  It is one of the perfect solutions to sleepless nights and so, you can buy it without any hesitation.  Once it comes out of the box, it fluffs up very nicely. These pillows are neither too small or king size. Product weight - 10.36 pounds. 

Its hypoallergenic high quality Polypropylene cotton ensures maximum cuddliness to the user. These pillows are basically available in two colors, brown and white. Many new expectant moms and new moms chooses the brown color pillow.

Features: Some of its features include-

  • Best support between Knees 
  • Snuggling Up for Heat or Comfort
  • You using it when Reading or Studying, Watching TV or Resting
  • Totally Supported Napping
  • It is very light and thin
  • The zipper cover is easy to remove
  • Whole body of the to be moms gets support for its U-shape design.
  • It is 8 feet long so that every pregnant women can feel relaxed and sleep well.


One of the most amazing facts of this pillow is that it is so light weight and it tremendously helps to keep your body temperature lower. Besides, you will get all the comfort you need for preventing yourself from any sort of aching in the back. For a peaceful sleep no other pillow can be as comfortable as this.


The first thing that might make your feel irritated is it has a very cheap zipper, many users may have to be very careful pulling down. The cover after washing is a bit difficult to put it back in the pillow. It can be called a two person job.

Dream pregnancy pillow

Introduction: This pillow is also U-shaped designed. It is made in such a way that the inner contours of the pillow escorts the natural shape of your body and you can sleep in any forms you like. It plays a great role in healing the pain before and also after the pregnancy. These pillows can be customized for any bed. Besides, the body pressure is released well and improves the sleep of a woman.

Product description: It is termed as an ideal weapon to kill all your pains during pregnancy. It helps to improve the blood circulation of your body. Besides, it works as a total care for the expecting mother and the baby inside.

Features: One of the exciting features is it works as a nursing pillow for both mother and the new born baby and the cover of the pillow is 100% cotton. Moreover, leg swelling and hypertension syndromes are lessen and it lets you sleep peacefully. Other features include-

  • Improved lumbar support.
  • Mom`s back and belly are supported by the inner curve.
  • Support allows belly to rest right on the pillow.
  • Can be easily washed in machine.
  • Comes with a vacuum package that does not  affect its shape and quality.

Pros- Never feel confused on buying such a pillow because it is designed to fondle the natural curves of the body. It can ease a pregnant woman from ailments like arthritis, upper and lower body pain. Moreover, it can help raise the baby during nursing that will adequately comfort the mother.

C-shaped Premium multi-position contoured body pregnancy pillow

Introduction: If you are confused whether you should buy a c-shaped pillow for sleeping then you must know what such type of pillow are the best to avoid interruptions in your sleep. You will not have to struggle for finding sleeping positions according to your own comfort. As soon as you buy it you will start loving it. It helps to give the support you need for the back and belly at the same moment.

Product description: The pregnancy pillow includes two contoured “legs”  for which you can sleep in any side you want to. You can tuck the pillow between your knees, can use for lifting your head. Using this pillow will help you a lot more to align your hips so that the strain on the joints are relieved. Many women who have new born babies are already a fan of this pillow and they can instantly fall asleep in seconds even after the baby wakes up. In compare to other brands, it is very inexpensive and its durability is amazing.

Features: The pillow contains 100% polyester which means that you can wash it easily in the machine and its super softness and durability will make you sleep longer for giving birth to a healthy baby.  It is available in multicolor. You may love this product after you purchase it but in case you don`t, they cover you by their 30day money back guarantee.

Leachco Back `N Belly Contoured Body pillow

Introduction: You may buy this product without any hesitation. Because, the more your pregnancy stage proceeds, the more support you need for your growing tummy. The inner contours of this pillow will help you to hold your natural curved shape of your body. It is not mandatory to reposition the pillow throughout the night.

Product description: As it is a custom fit pillow you can easily turn from side to side. Doctors also recommend this pillow for people who have SI joint problems that weaken the hip muscles so that sleeping with pillows between the legs can prevent a person from having severe pain. Having this pillow is what every consumers want now because it ensures quality sleep overnight. It comes in Ivory shade and its also made to bring consolation for sleepers who get troubled every time. The pillow wraps the full body and supports every side without causing any harm.

Features: - It is a big U-shaped pillow that any person who is 6 feet tall can easily fit into it. It is like a fluffy and soft pillow which helps to make to make a woman fall asleep pretty easily. The hour-glass inner curves facilitate the user to minimize aches and other unbearable pains through frequent movements in sleeping. The product is totally chemical free and is made of  high quality warm polyester and primarily Phthalates. Moreover, the “double decker” head support is available only in this brand`s pillow which lets the users to raise their head support when they feel it necessary.

Pros: It has a unique contoured shape to give you the support you need the most. Whether you want to sit or sleep with this pillow, you can adjust well in multiple positions so that you can find the most comfortable positions for you. Not only the head or belly, but this pillow has the ideal length to brace your neck, hips, knees and also your feet. Besides, this pillow is also suitable for nursing moms so that they get an additional support to breast-feed their babies.

Cons: The only negative aspect many users find is an inner seam that gives discomfort to their necks and shoulders while lying.

Hiccapop pregnancy pillow wedge for maternity

Introduction:  It is one of the ideal solutions for pregnancy discomfort. It is designed having 2-sided options so that it suit all moms during the 3 trimesters.

Product Description: One side of the pillow is known as deluxe which has the softest memory foam on side 1, and a solid support foam on  side

2.  The pillow  has a Plush Velboa cover which soft and it is indeed the finest material used for the to-me-moms to relax and stay calm. Moreover, the airflow ventilation technology keeps the pillow much cooler.


Proper belly support reduces swelling. includes Airflow ventilation technology. Very compact and portable for travelling.

Pros-You can always shift the pillow from moment to moment and gain the comfort you want. It is not an oversized pillow. Rather it is designed just to be the perfect size for mobility. By using this pillow you can help yourself to control your body temperature.

How does a pregnancy pillow work

Pregnancy is one of the crucial and also a risky stage in a woman`s life. In this period, the hormonal changes, physical and mood changes takes place frequently.  It is pretty obvious that you will not be able to lie on your stomach. Because it is very tough and the entire stomach rolls over with you and straightly lies flat on the bed. This is not a good way to sleep while you are pregnant. But a pregnancy pillow helps  to overcome this problem and supports a to-be-mother to lie on her side.

Do not think that using such pillows won`t be a good decision. Best maternity pillows does not only prevent you from tossing and turning by holding you comfortably, but it also gives all the support you need for the stomach and the baby as well.

Why are maternity pillows best for use of women?

Provide body support: In research it is now seen that use of such kind of pillows  has increased to a certain extent. Pregnant women can get rid of various pains within their body if they use a pregnancy pillow for sleeping. Pain may arise not only in the stomach but also in the back, neck and in knees. These pillows are efficient to adjust nicely in a way that helps a pregnant woman to sleep well. Besides the fabric of these  pillows are very smooth and it does not cause any sort of rash.

Help a woman to relax: Women stays alert during her pregnancy cycle while they eat, walk or even go to sleep. Sleeping helps a woman to remain calm. But they often get worried about laying accidentally and this may cause pain and harm to the baby.  To get rid of such problems, these pillows can be used. As result, there will be no interruptions while sleeping and they can get a ceaseless and deep sleep.

Improves Blood circulation : As a baby begins to grow inside, women tend to sleep on their left side. We all know that there are certain sleep positions that helps to improve blood circulation. Therefore, having a pregnancy pillow can help a woman to relax her hip and back while she sleeps.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ`S)

Does Hiccapop pregnancy pillow work well with a memory foam mattress?

Answer: I have memory foam mattress as topper which works really great for me. I think two pillows might work best for me as my belly is grows.

I purchased a pillow which is almost identical to this one, and it smells terrible. It is normal for a foam to smell like that?

Answer: I am not sure. I am using Khomo comfort-pillows for a long time and it comes with a cover and I haven`t had any issues regarding this.

Would you describe Leachco Back `N Belly pillow on the firm or softer side?

Answer: I would love to say that the sides are  more firm, but the U bend is softer.

I am deciding between this pillow and the Hydrologie cooling pillow. How crowded is a queen bed with this pillow?

Answer: When it comes to my wife`s comfort at the first place then why would the space be an issue for 9months? It takes up about 60% of the queen size bed but my wife`s comfort is important to me. I can strongly recommend this it because I have seen her sleep so absolutely fantastic with this pillow.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy is such a stage for a woman`s life where at one point she constantly worries about the child`s health right after birth and at the other point, the to be mother herself needs to take utmost care and eat healthy.

But there are also certain things that a woman should do during this phase and one important factor is a sound sleep. Pregnancy pillows play such an important role in this regard because during pregnancy, the belly and breasts tends to grow more day by day and pain occurs in various part of a pregnant woman.

It becomes difficult for her to sleep in different positions due to the baby inside. So, for perfect solutions, many brands have come up with the best maternity pillows and popularity of these pillows are increasing rapidly. These pillows let a woman put her leg on the top of the pillow rather placing between her knees.

Besides, it helps to keep the neck straight without causing any pain and support the belly as it grows. So having such pillows is the most important issue every pregnant woman should have.

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