“Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience Stroller” Review 2020

Are you searching the best infant stroller which is budget friendly? Are you in a search of an honest review about Summer Infant 3d Flip? Then you are in the right place. Here I am going to give an honest review about the Summer Infant 3d Flip Stroller. I know you don’t have time to waste by reading unnecessary and useless reviews. That is why here I will discuss only the core features of the product.

I hope this review will help you to know all the information about this product. If you have five minutes in your hand, then let’s start to see how this product can be benefited for you and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the product. If you are an old customer of a stroller, then you may know about the Stroller Brand – Summer Infant 3d flip stroller. This brand has produced a lot of products with different features depending on the customers need. This product is not the exceptional.

Core Features of Summer Infant 3d Flip

Compact Design

It is really tough to carry a stroller which is heavy in weight. But with the Summer Infant 3d Flip, you can skip this problem. This Baby Stroller has a compact design and also light in weight. After using the stroller, you can fold it by three singles steps. Just Lift the rear handle then Push the lever with your foot and Fold down. So it is easy to store at your home and no hassle in carrying.



Large Canopy

Canopy of a stroller is one of the most important factors. This Summer Infant 3d Flip Stroller has a large canopy to protect the child from direct sun heat. It also helps to protect the baby from the UV ray of sun. There is also a peekaboo window with Velcro closure in the canopy. That is why this canopy is helpful to protect the child from a bad weather and also effective to give enough light and air to the child.

Easy Recline and 5 Point Harness

You can adjust the seat to six different positions using the one hand recline system. In these six positions, three are for forward facing and three of them for rear facing. There is also a 5-point harness system with center release buckle. This harness system is padded and also adjustable. Crotch pad hides the buckle from the toddler.


It is very necessary to have a good storage space in the stroller. Because a child needs different things on an outing. This Summer Infant 3d Flip Stroller has a small basket to carry some necessary things. There are also 2 side storage pockets included in this stroller. The parent cup holder of the stroller is suitable to carry the toddler water bottle and some beverages.

Wheels and Suspension

This stroller moves on four hard elastic twofold 6” wheels. Front wheels are swivel for easy moving. But you can also lock the wheels to move the stroller only forward. This stroller is actually designed for an even surface. Front wheel has also the suspension for shock absorption. So your child remains safe from any injury.


  • Compact designed stroller for easy carrying and storage.
  • Large canopy to protect the toddler from bad weather.
  • Four hard rubber double 6” wheels.
  • Parking brakes of the rear wheels.
  • Roomy seat to give enough space for a tall toddler.
  • Easy to fold the stroller with three simple steps.
  • Suspension in front wheel for shaking free ride.
  • Storage basket and side pockets.
  • 6 different recline and 5-point harness system.
  • Tall handlebars for easy moving the stroller.
  • Included a carrying strap on the stroller.


  • The canopy makes noises during the adjusting time.
  • The storage basket is not so big.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the color of the Summer Infant 3d Flip Stroller?

Answer: Color of the stroller is gray and black

Question: What are the age and weight restriction of Summer Infant 3d Flip Stroller ?

Answer: This summer toddler stroller is suitable for the weight 25lbs for rear facing and 50lbs for forward facing.

Question: Is the Summer Infant 3d Flip Convenience Stroller suitable for a newborn baby?

Answer: Yes, you can carry a newborn baby in it. There is 3 position recline.

Question: Is the summer infant 3d flip 2020 model?

Answer: Yes, this stroller is of 2020 model.

Final Verdict

I have covered almost all the features in my Summer Infant 3d Flip Review. I hope now you have a clear concept about the stroller. As most of the existing customers have given five-star ratings to this product, so you can trust on this product. Summer infant strollers are too much popular because of low price and also the premium features. If you are in a hesitation, then I can assure you this is the best toddler stroller and I strongly recommend this product.


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