Stroller Safety Tips for Parents and Bad Habits to Avoid

Want to go out for a stroll with your little one? Well, an umbrella stroller serve as a life-saver for new parents as they carry your baby around while offering you freedom of movement.

The comfortable and safe baby transportation system allows you to maneuver your baby around with ease. This saves you from the burden of carrying your kid for long hours. Hence, you can enjoy some precious bonding time with your little one outdoors without getting tired.

However, leaving your kid unattended may lead to accidents, which you would want to avoid. You need to look for a comfortable and long-lasting stroller equipped with safety features.

Here we provide a list of essential stroller safety tips for parents to follow. The article also explains certain bad habits, which should be avoided.

So, without wasting any more time, let us dive straight into the article:

Stroller Safety Tips for Parents


Like cars and other transportation systems, baby strollers too come with brakes that lock the wheels for security. Hence, ensure that you apply the brakes when you stop the stroller or park it somewhere. It is better that you check out the brakes before making a purchase. Also, it should be situated at a place out of reach from your child so that he or she does not release the lever.

Wide Base

The recently designed strollers are more focused on trendy designs and styles, reducing the width of the base. A stroller with a wider base is always a safer choice as it increases stability, preventing it from tipping over. The broader base makes the stroller sturdy by ensuring optimal balance at all times.

Never leave your baby unattended

Strollers are designed to keep your baby safe and engaged. However, it is essential that you don’t leave your baby alone inside the stroller. There are chances that the stroller will get too hot, roll out, or your baby may also slip out.  Hence, always be attentive and be close to the stroller so that you can see and hear your little one at all times.

Never Exceed Weight Limits

Strollers come with a specific weight limit. Ensure that you don’t exceed the weight limit as it will make the stroller unstable and unreliable for your little one. Do not use it for older kids. Hence, once your kid grows out of it, you should donate it or provide it to someone in your family who is expecting a child.

Fastening Toys

You can hang toys from the stroller bumper bar to keep your little one engaged during the stroll. Kids may not be comfortable in going for a stroll in a new stroller, and toys may get them to stay put. Ensure that you fasten the toys securely so that they don’t get loose and fall on your baby. This may compromise on the safety of your little one by causing injuries and safety hazards.

After fastening or hanging the toys, test them by slightly tugging on them. If the toys come off on a slight pull, then they have not been hanged properly.

Seat Belt and Harness

Seat belts and five point harnesses are vital safety features seen in every baby stroller. Ensure that you fasten your baby with the seat belt or safety harness as babies tend to move around and wiggle a lot. The five point safety harness will restrain your baby over the shoulders, across the waist, and between legs while ensuring comfort.

This will keep him or her protected against bumps and jerks during the stroll. It enhances the safety of your child, protecting him or her from injuries and unwanted accidents. The seat belt and safety harness also prevent newborns from slipping off. Hence, buckle up your child before going for a stroll!

Keep the stroller away from the sun

Never leave the stroller out in the sun for too long even if it comes with a canopy. The plastic and metal parts of the stroller may become extremely hot under the scorching sun, potentially burning your little one.

Ensure that you park the stroller under some shade. Also, check the temperature of the surface before you place your baby inside.

You should also avoid covering your baby by placing a blanket over the sun canopy. This will prevent ventilation, thereby increasing the chances of overheating.

Store belongings appropriately

The stroller is meant to move your baby from one place to another. However, we often tend to store diaper bags and other items in the stroller. Ensure that you don’t overdo it with storage as it disrupts the stability of the stroller. Avoid hanging your bag from the handle bar as it may cause the stroller to tip over.

Be cautious while folding

Ensure that your kid as at a safe distance from the stroller when you open or fold it. The small fingers of your little one may get pinched in the hinges unknowingly.

Also, read the manual instructions to know about folding and unfolding the stroller. The stroller may collapse if not unfolded correctly. Ensure that the stroller is locked open before placing your child inside. Many models come with a clicking sound to indicate when they are fully unfolded for safe use.

Check Recalls

Check out for recalls related to the product. These include injuries or hazards reportedly caused by the stroller. These recalls are detaching wheels, collapsing frames, failing brakes, faulty seat belts, etc. Hence, ensure that you return the seller warranty card so that you are notified about recalls. Also, if you are using a used stroller, then there should be no recalls reported in the past.

Stroller Safety Tips for Parents

Bad Habits to Avoid

It is important to develop good stroller habits as parents. The reason being – strollers used in the wrong way can restrict your baby’s brain development.

We have listed some of the most common bad habits to help you rectify your mistakes.

Becoming Dependent on Strollers

Parents tend to become too dependent on baby essentials like baby strollers. Overusing your baby stroller for supporting and holding your baby may hinder his or her overall development. If your child spends too much time in a flat reclining position will lead to flattening of the head. Also, this may lead to other risks like delayed motor and sensory skill development.

Positioning of your Baby

Positioning of your baby is an important factor while taking him or her out for a stroll. Many parents tend to place their child facing forward, impeding their brain development. Once your baby is capable of sitting upright, ensure that you position him or her facing your direction.

The backward facing position will allow you to interact with your little one. It also enables him or her to sleep faster, speak and laugh more with moderate heart rates.

You can make your child face forward to explore the world once he or she grows a little older.

Baby Developing Routine of Sleeping in Stroller

This is another bad habit parents must avoid. If your baby develops a routine of falling asleep inside the stroller, then he or she may be exposed to health risks and disorders.

Your baby should sleep on a flat and firm surface after returning from a stroll. Sleeping inside the stroller decreases the supply of oxygen, which may potentially harm your little one. Also, reduced oxygen levels in the bloodstream can affect brain development and overall health.

Being inattentive to your child

You have to be alert at all times your child is in the stroller. Most strollers are safe and equipped with five point safety harnesses, but they might not ensure complete restrain and protection.

Always be near the stroller so that you can see and hear your baby. Keep an eye on him or her to ensure that your little one is sitting in the right posture.

Allowing a young Child to Handle the Stroller

If you have a toddler or young child you wish to control the stroller, allow him or her only if you are in an empty and safe surrounding. Avoid giving this permission to your kid in a crowded place as it may lead to unwanted accidents and injuries if he or she loses control of the stroller. This can hurt our baby or even injure nearby people.

Ensure that you never go too fast even if your little one insists. Always be cautious and careful while taking your little munchkin outdoors.


Strollers have come a long way in terms of design and style. The best baby strollers are equipped with safety features like safety harnesses and brakes to keep your little one well protected during a stroll. Moreover, they offer maximum comfort to your child during travel.

However, as parents, it is our responsibility of double checking on our baby’s safety. Hence, it is essential to follow a few vital safety tips to keep your little one safe and secure at all times. Here we have listed some of the critical safety tips every parent must follow.

The article also mentions a few bad habits parents develop due to overusing or relying too much on the baby stroller. If you find a bad stroller habit that you have been making, then it is time to make a change. These habits may lead to the underdevelopment of your child’s sensory and motor skills. They also lead to health risks like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

You may be a great parent, but even the best can make a mistake. So, it’s okay! Go through our article to know all about the stroller safety tips for parents and the bad habits to avoid.

With that note, we come to the end of the article. We hope this article helps!

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