Hope All Family Members Are Well, By The Grace Of Almighty God. This article is all about Mum and Baby.

Today on this article I will discuss about the proper pregnant mom care and after delivery, newborn baby care tips - 1st day to 12 months.

Being a mother is a precious moment for every woman. Every mother has gone through the same experience. The pain, the sacrifice is always same for all mothers. But when the new baby born, they forget all sorrow. It is such a gift of nature that has no alternative.

But every pregnant woman needs extra care during their pregnancy. Lack of knowledge, sometimes family members do not care her properly. As a result, an unhealthy baby gets born and new mother becomes ill.

When You Get The Good News Of Pregnancy !!!

Pregnancy !!! The Most wanted words for a woman. After a lot of waiting this word brings a priceless gift for a mother. But, how a girl can  be ensured about her pregnancy !

What are the signs of​​​​ pregnancy ?

Actually , there are not a proper sign of pregnancy. If the fixed date of menstruation is missed, you can think that you are expecting.But your thought can be wrong. Within 13 days of missing period you need to take a pregnancy test. Pregnancy kits are available. But kit test does not give proper result always. Best if you take a urine test and confirm about your pregnancy.

Sometimes your menstruation can be irregular. This is not the sign of pregnancy. This is your illness and you need to take medication. So to be ensured about one’s pregnancy, she needs pregnancy test must. 

If the result of positive, you will get the  special news !

10 Pregnancy Care Tips for a Healthy Mom, Should Follow Every Pregnant Women

Increment your chances of a healthy pregnancy by following these logical impression to keep yourself fit.

1st rule of Pregnancy Care Tips Is - You can feeling good during your pregnancy, If you caring yourself properly and maintain all of rules. Your baby grown up properly without any problem.

2nd Pregnancy Care Tips is - Eat well-balanced meals each day 6-7 Times. Taking prenatal vitamin each and everyday.

3rd Drink lots of liquids like - pure water, fresh juices etc. Not less than 10 to 12 glasses everyday - keeping away from caffeine and adding artificial color.

4th Follow this rule strictly - Try not to drink alcohol even a single sip !!

5th Try to avoid smoking or enable yourself to be presented to used smoke.

6th Do Exercise, it's great for your pregnancy health and can help you reduce stress too. Take a pregnancy exercise class at least 20-25 minutes consistently. You can walking both indoor or outdoor. But keep in mind walking place is cool and shaded areas just keeping in mind the end goal to anticipate overheating.

7th Pregnant Mom needs to get sound sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. If you didn't take proper sleep at night regarding some disturbances, take a naps or light sleep during the day and see your family physician to take some valuable advice.

8th Pregnant Mom always wear comfortable & non-restricting shoes and move your feet ups and down several times everyday to prevent exhaustion and swelling of the feet, legs, and ankles.

9th Always mind it wearing a seat strap when riding in motor vehicles.

10th Don't take any kinds of medications without consulting your family physician.

Prenatal Multivitamin In Diet Chart

400 micrograms folic acid, 1000 milligrams calcium or 27 milligrams ! This is just impossible to maintain the correct quantity in every diet chart. Prenatal multivitamin is the solution. I input here 3 special and reliable prenatal multivitamins names. These are -

1. New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins

2. Garden of Life Vegetarian Prenatal Multivitamin

3. Rainbow Light - Complete Prenatal System Multivitamin

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins Fermented with Probiotics  Wholefoods  Folate  Iron  Vitamin D3  B Vitamins  Organic Non GMO Ingredients  270 ct Trimester Size
Garden of Life Vegetarian Prenatal Multivitamin Supplement with Folate Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Whole Food Vitamin for Mom and Baby, 180 Capsules
Rainbow Light Complete Prenatal System Multivitamin 360 Tablets, Folic Acid, Iron, Probiotics

Pros :

New Cheaper, Garden Of Life, Rainbow Light - These are most popular prescribed medication by Doctor. This multivitamin plays a big role to develop a baby’s brain, nervous system and eye. During your breastfeeding, you can continue this multivitamin. Multivitamin is helpful to provide your ideal nutrients.

Cons :

Sometimes you feel it is not decent tasted always. Besides that, you should talk with a doctor before taking this prenatal multivitamin. After all ! It is one kind of medicine ! So be-careful and take advice from Doctor.

Final Verdict :

Prenatal multivitamin gives proper nutrition to a pregnant woman. Not only pregnant women, but also every woman should take a prenatal multivitamin to avoid damage of their body.

It's only my personal opinion. But of course when you are pregnant and before using Medicine, please talk with your Family Doctor for more information about Medicine.

Pregnant Mom Care Products Shouldn't Be Avoided - During Pregnancy !!!

A pregnant woman cannot avoid 4 products during her pregnancy. These products are:

  1. Best Maternity Support Belt Reviews - Soft Best Maternity Belt
  2. Best Pillow During Pregnancy or Best Pregnancy Sleep Pillow
  3. Maternity Skin Care Treatment
  4. Pregnant Belly Oil and Pregnancy Body Oil
  5. Best Maternity Underwear Shorts & Panties
  6. The Best Maternity Bra Reviews Or Best Nursing Bra Ever
  7. Best Bikini Trimmer

Now its time to describe all types of pregnant Mom care products. Please See the below reviews.

Best Maternity Support Belt Reviews - Soft Best Maternity Support Belt Plus Size

Maternity belt gives compression on the inflated abdominal area. A pregnant woman feels comfortable with using it. Such as:

A. Babo Care Maternity Belt OB Recommend

B. NEOtech Care Maternity Belt

C. AZMED Maternity Belt - Best Maternity Support Belt Reviews

D. Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

OB Recommend Maternity Belt,Latest Babo Care Breathable Abdominal Binder, Lower Back and Pelvic Support,Belly Band for Pregnancy, Prenatal Cradle for Baby, Nude Color
Maternity Belt - NEOtech Care ( TM ) Brand - Pregnancy Support - Waist Back Abdomen Band, Belly Brace - Beige Color
AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder, Back Support, One Size, Beige

Pros :

It is normal to feel pain in pelvic and hip during pregnancy. This elastic belt ease pain. It also supports excess weight and prevent the wrenching on the spinal cord. It is soft to use and prevents your back pain tremendously.

Cons :

Size matters. If you do not buy proper size it will be never adjustable. You rather feel discomfort then. You should not always use it. When you sit with it, you feel discomfort. So you should put on this maternity belt for sometimes and should not use tightly.

Pain in the hips and pelvic is a common matter  for every pregnant woman. A suitable maternity belt gives relief from it.

Best Maternity Body Pillow Reviews Or Best Pregnancy Support Pillow

Growing belly makes a pregnant woman’s discomfort. She needs to place it in a comfort zone. Maternity pillow gives her this pleasant feel. Some maternity pillows are:

A. KHOMO U shape Extra Light Full Body Maternity Pillow

B. Dream Premium U Shape Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow

C. Multi Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

D. Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Body Pillow Ivory

E. Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity

F. Best Choice Products Pregnancy Pillow

best pregnancy body pillow reviews
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best pregnancy sleep pillow
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best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers

Read More -

The Best Back Support Cushions For Your Ultimate Comfort During Pregnancy

Pros :

Maternity pillow gives a relaxed sleep.  It also gives you proper support. You can place it behind your back, under your grown belly or between your two knees to get proper relax. The airflow ventilation process keeps the pillow always cooler.This pillow is also helpful for travelling during pregnancy.

Cons :

It is a big  trouble to wash this such kind of large pillow. You have to face with problems when you want to buy a big cover for your pillow.

It is too much hard to locate your big belly properly during sleeping. On the other hand, every pregnant woman needs a relaxed sleep. So pregnancy pillow is needed.

Maternity Skin Care Treatment

Need a proper face treatment during pregnancy. Salicyclic acid, glycolic acid, benzyl should be avoided during pregnancy. Then what will be your acne solution? There are some solutions.

A. Biotherm Biovergetures Stretch Marks Prevention and Reduction Cream Gel

B. Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy - Prevent Stretch Marks

C. BASQ Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter

maternity skin care gift set
maternity skin care
BASQ Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter


All face treatments are all made of natural ingredients. It will prevent your acne during pregnancy. Before bedtime you should take the acne treatment.On the next day you feel no longer acne on your face and nose.

Cons : 

It is not suitable for all skin. You feel burnt after first use.  Besides that, you should  use it in a proper way. More use does not bring more positive output.

During pregnancy your skin becomes rough and unhealthy. At this time, chemical products may affect on new born baby. So maternity skin care treatments are always made of natural ingredients  and make the skin soft.

Pregnant Mom Care - Belly & Pregnancy Body Oil

Itchy, stretch mark all can be nourished by this type of oil. Effectively, this oil prevents the pregnancy stretch marks. You will get the best result regularly during pregnancy up to three months after being a mother. Some names are mentioned here.

A. Plus 1 Skincare Organic Maternity Skin Care Set & Kit

B. BabyBearShop Organic Mama Belly Oil

C. B.O.N Skincare Natural Toning Blend for Pregnancy - Reduce Stretch Marks, Itchy and Dry Skin

pregnancy body oil
pregnancy body oil 2
pregnant belly oil

Pros ​​​​:

This kind of organic pregnant bell+body oil is made of jojoba, sweet almond, black current seed and meadow foam which just remove the damaged sign and heal your skin. It protects skin from dryness. It is not only suitable for mom but also for the baby.

Cons :

Must remember  that, it just prevents stretch mark.  It never cleans out them. The mark will be naturally removed from skin.It does not remove the old stretch marks. Sometimes it will discolor your cloth.

During pregnancy, new stretch marks are developed. Daily use of pregnant belly & body oil, you will be  preempted from those indecent marks.

maternity underwear shorts
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maternity undergarments

The Best Maternity Bra Reviews Or Best Nursing Bra Ever

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The Best Maternity Bra Reviews

PROS of The Best Maternity Bra :

  • Best for working out
  • Best to feel sexy
  • Best for lounging
  • Best for style perk
  • Best for sleep
  • Best plus size nursing bra
  • Best for wearing under t-shirt
  • Best for ditching back pain
  • Best casual bra
  • Best for comfort
  • Best for pumping
  • Best for running
  • Best for yoga
  • Best for larger cups

So from the first day of pregnancy, every family member should be concerned about the mother. On this situation Pregnant mom should clean their underarms very often. Pregnant mom needs a good bikini trimmer to clean their underarms. For this reason trimmer is an important grooming tools of a pregnant woman.

Best Nursing Tops

Best Nursing Cover

Best Nursing Pads

Breast Pump

Boost For Milk Supply or Mother's Milk Tea

Breast Milk Storage Solution

Top 5 Best Bikini Trimmer

Very Special For First Three Months

The most important part of a pregnant  women is the first trimester. A pregnant woman feels bleeding, breast pain, heartburn and mood swing behavior during this time.

Slight bleeding is normal at the first stage. But heavy bleeding symbolizes miscarriage. 70 percent women miscarry during the first trimester. Besides that, heavy bleeding gives the sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Here the times! Gradually, your breasts are filled with milk for your  upcoming baby. So every new mother feels pain in her breasts during this period. Size of bra increasing with the increase of breast size.

Cravings for food is a normal behavior in the first trimester. But this excess eating causes heartburn. Too much  paleontologist hormone produces. So muscles reflex the acid, which is the main reason of heartburn.

Mood swing is a common phenomena in every new mother, which starts from this period. Morning sickness, sudden frustration can be happened. These all are caused by fatigue and hormonal change.

It’s Time To Change Pregnant Mom Diet

What to eat and What to avoid !!! When you are pregnant, you should follow a diet chart strictly. This diet chart is provided by your doctor.

But Here we will discuss about the simple rules about pregnancy diet. A pregnant woman must bear in mind, what she eats, it will effect on the growth of her baby. Her baby’s  nutrition depends on her diet. Calcium, Folic acid, Iron and Protein must present in diet chart.

A pregnant woman should take 400 mg Folic acid every day. This is helpful to give structure on baby’s brain and spine. Dark green vegetable, dry bean, nuts, fruit juice are full of folic acid.

Calcium is the most important to build up bones and teeth of a child. Naturally 1000 milligrams calcium acid must present in the every day pregnancy diet chart. Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Leafy green , Bones of small fishes are the source of calcium.

27 milligrams iron is needed in a day for a pregnant woman. More mineral means more blood supply in the baby’s body. Meat, Fish, Liver, Dried beans is full of iron. Less iron causes anemia during pregnancy.

Fish is a good source of lean protein. Salmon fish contains fatty acid where tuna fish contains huge mercury.  More protein is needed during pregnancy. But often it is noticed that pregnant woman and her family members are not aware of the demand. The most important organ “heart” is developed by this protein.

You can just take 50-100 mg caffeine, it's safe during pregnancy, not more that. And smoking is just prohibited during pregnancy.

An unconscious pregnant women can be affected by two types of food poising. One is Listeriosis and another is Toxoplasmosis.

Listeriosis is caused from taking unpasteurized milk, expired food, cold fast food ,etc. Raw meats or under-cooked meats cause Toxoplasmosis. This makes the child blind.

So be aware of food poisoning and follow the diet chart.

If you are a working woman, need leave from Job !!

Normally 40 weeks are given for maternity leave. A healthy mother can take 12 weeks leave after her child birth.

So Extra Pregnant Mom Care Needs

If you needs to cry, please cry. Please share your frustration with  your partner, whatever another family member whom you can believe. Cravings for food is not bad. But please try to take frequent small meals. Follow the diet chart. Don’t be frustrated about weight gain. These all are for welcoming the new baby.

Now You 6 -10 months Pregnant !! 6 Ways To Avoid Pregnancy Complication !!!

6-10 months is the crucial time for every pregnant woman. The 6 tips are given below to avoid complication during pregnancy.

  • You should arrange an appointment with a fixed Doctor. Taking an appointment in a hospital before 7 days of expecting.
  • Healthy and balanced diet has no alternative to avoid complication. Be aware of certain food which can cause miscarriage. Never eat bacteria affected food.
  • It is an old concept that a pregnant woman needs sleep and rest all day. It is not the truth. Pregnant women need some light exercise regularly. This exercise increases her stamina and removes depression.
  • Avoid to bear heavy products during pregnancy. Avoid the broken street.
  • Regular sleep is needed. If you cannot sleep at midnight, please take a sleep in the morning or the middle of the day.
  • Don't smoke and Don't drink alcohol.

Try to maintain these important rules and wait for The New Baby or Babies !!!

Newborn Baby Care Tips – 1st Day To 12 Months Baby Care Products and Gears !!!

On present market place both Online and Offline - we can see lots of products and gears for newborn baby extra care and comfort. These are -

  1. Best Umbrella Stroller.
  2. Best Baby Crib.
  3. Best Baby Mini Crib Mattress.
  4. Best Baby Carrier.
  5. Best Baby High Chair.
  6. Best Baby Car Seat.
  7. Best Baby Skin Care Products.
  8. Best Baby Hair Care Products.
  9. Best Baby Nail Care Products.
  10. Best Baby Bathing Kit.
  11. Best Baby Soft Pillow.
  12. Best Rocking Chair.
  13. Best Rocking Crib.
  14. Best Baby Jumper.
  15. Best Baby Walker.
  16. Best Air Purifier.
  17. Best Cotton & Warm Cloth.
  18. Best Hand Sanitizer.
  19. Best Baby Swaddle.
  20. Best Baby Bassinet.
  21. Best Baby Bibs, Cap, Socks & Shoes.
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