Top 17 Parenting Practical Advice For New Moms

If you are a new mom then it is highly likely that you are in need of helpful advice’s and tips to nurture your child. Everyone has a different parenting experience but we are here to make sure that yours goes smoothly so read on below to gain wisdom!

Here are some quick Practical Advice For New Moms

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ignore Advice
  2. Know your kid
  3. Be ready for sick days
  4. Put down your phone
  5. Take a Lot of Pictures and Backup
  6. Take Proper Sleep
  7. Trust Yourself
  8. Accept others’ help
  9. Get some alone time

Bad advice: Sleep when the baby is sleeping.
Bad advice: Put baby cereal in the baby’s bottle so she sleeps longer.
Bad advice: Don’t spoil the baby. You’re holding him too much.

Practical Advice For New Parents

Practical Advice For New Parents

1. Relax about baby meals

Babies have very unpredictable food habits which even the expert parents do not understand at times. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this aspect. Your job is to provide many food choices which are all healthy and it is up to the baby to decide when to eat. Do not force a meal on your child.

2. Be in the present

As a mother, it is important that you live in the now. Sure, you may have a lot of mental checklists in your head but you need to clear your mind sometimes to spend time with your baby as highlighted by the moms on – parenting discussion platform. If you keep worrying about the laundry that needs to be washed or buying groceries, you will miss out the quality time with your child which is irreplaceable.

3. Learn to say no

Children tend to whine a lot and get stubborn on some things which are not good for them. For example, wanting to eat extra sugary candies or playing till late night. Just because you are the mother does not mean that you cannot say no.

As a parent, you know what is right and wrong for your child. So know the art when to approve for certain things and when to reject others for your child’s well-being.

4. Keep a tight sleep schedule

Sleep is very important for the health of your child and you need to acknowledge that. While babies tend to have fluctuations in the sleep schedule, it is the mother’s job to discipline the child.

5. Have special moments

Mini traditions like hanging balloons on your child’s birthday or reading bedtime stories before sleeping go a long way. These special moments have a positive

impact on the child’s emotional health and they develop a better connection between you two.

6. Understand your kid

Do not follow a generalized way of parenting or observing how other mothers treat their children because each child is a unique individual. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your child and mold your parenting style according to it.

7. Be prepared for illnesses

Children get sick a lot so be mentally prepared for the sick days to arrive. It is advisable to keep a full supply of all medicines in the house so that you can speed up the recovery.

8. You are your child’s role model

As a parent, it is your responsibility to cast a healthy and loving impression of family and parenthood upon your child. This is necessary so that your kid wants a family one day and you can be a grandparent. On the other hand, if you complain and worry frequently, your child will not want a family.

9. Assign chores

If you establish certain chores for your child which are simple to do and interesting, it will be good to increase a sense of responsibility. Furthermore, your child will know that you trust them enough to carry out the tasks. Simple chores like putting toys in their place, setting the dinner table or emptying the dustbins will improve the self-esteem of your kid.

10. Trust your motherly instincts

All mothers including the new ones have motherly instincts which they can trust blindly. When your child is feeling unwell, you can understand what is wrong and what should be checked by the doctor. Remember that the mother feels everything.

11. Prefer walking instead of driving

People usually take out the car for the shortest distances due to the laziness. But if you are a mother, it is best if you opt for walking and taking your child along

with you for small errands. You can get to have quality time outside of the house in simple ways like this.

12. Appreciate your child

Praise, appreciation and positive comments boost up the child’s morale, confidence and self-esteem in the best way possible. Talk positively about the best traits and habits which you find in your child and gush about it. Also make a habit of frequently telling your kid you love him.

13. Answer all questions

One of the most annoying things which the parents face is the shower of questions a child asks throughout the day. This can be extremely overwhelming but if you invest a bit of patience in yourself and start answering those questions, it will be good for the child’s mind. A kid asks curious questions about everything because each thing is new to them and it is the mother’s job to satisfy that curiosity.

14. Be childlike

You may be a mother and parent rolled into one but in order to communicate and move along with the child, you need to be silly and childlike in front of them. Act like a child so that they can connect better with you but when they need you, behave like a parent. You can play games, make silly faces and tell jokes to lighten up the mood.

15. Go outdoors frequently

It is not healthy and advisable to stay stuffed inside the home most of the time because the child will get low spirits. Make a strong connection between the child and nature by walking under the sky, picking out flowers or playing in the park.

Plan out interesting activities which you can do outdoors. This will bring a positive impact on the kid’s imagination, emotions and mental health.

16. Do not be too busy with devices

We live in an age where real contact is blocked by screens and parents suffer the most through this misfortune. It is understandable that you have emails piled up and you need to make calls/messages but do not neglect your child in this way.

Your kid knows when you are ignoring or being mentally absent so be sure to make your child your first priority.

17. Teach math in a fun way

Math’s can be a very dry subject to teach to young children. It is a challenging task for parents but it is an important subject which cannot be avoided so adopt fun and creative ways to teach math’s. Play with shapes, numbers and sizes with your child. When you’re out grocery shopping, ask your child to count the number of fruits or ask which is the bigger cloud in the sky.

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