Mountain Buggy Swift Baby Stroller Review

“Mountain Buggy Swift Compact Stroller”

Mountain Buggy Swift is a little but adjustable baby stroller recommended by many experts. If you need a full-sized baby stroller which has all kind of standard features, then I should recommend this one for your kids. In our last post, I wrote about UPPAbaby Vista Baby Stroller, and you will be amazed to hear that Mountain Buggy Swift is a much same product of UPPAbaby Vista. For the little budget baby stroller, Mountain Buggy Swift will be the first choice for you.

Mountain Buggy Swift Baby Stroller Review

Mountain Buggy Swift Baby Stroller Review

It’s easy to fold or move like other pro baby strollers. This stroller launched in 1992 in New Zealand. After 20 years, it continuously brings its glory and much popular over the world. For buying strollers, you need to confirm about some critical features which you have must in your stroller.

If all of your question answers is YES, then you should go with it. And you would be happy to hear that, The Mountain Buggy Swift is contained all of those features now! Isn’t it great? You can buy professional baby strollers in affordable price which can give comfort to your newborn baby.


Features of Mountain Buggy Swift Baby Stroller


Easy To Use

Mountain Buggy Swift baby stroller became with easy navigation. For this reason, parents can quickly move and operate this stroller. It has height control system; that’s why anyone can use it comfortably. You can carry up to 5 years old kids into this stroller. From buying to setup for your baby, it’s not taken so much time for setup menu and fittings. For smooth moving, this stroller has perfect air filled tires.


This stroller comes with a quality canopy for protecting from the sunshine. It’s a big problem with a low quality product that had nothing about sunshade. So it becomes too hard to go outside walk on sunny days. Some of them are a very low quality which event can’t give a little amount of shade for protection. But in the Mountain Buggy Swift has nested sunshade which will protect your baby from the heat.



Tires and Ride

So where do you turn whenever your stroller stops on the run? Obviously, it won’t be pleasant. A minimal-quality stroller can provide you with that sort of expertise anywhere, anytime. However, the Mountain Buggy Swift Baby Stroller gives you Reverse experience each time. Her 10 inches Air-Go tires which provide you with more comfort and tens free when you are riding together with your strollers.

Mountain Buggy Swift Baby Stroller

Mountain Buggy Swift Baby Stroller

Good Amount of Storage

In a baby stroller, it’s an important fact when he does not have enough space. Because your top priority is giving comfort to your child. When it comes with good amount of storage, children are feeling much comfort in the stroller. The Mountain Buggy Swift baby stroller had stander amount of storage for giving your kids comfort seat. The opening within the back is big, considerably larger than the basket itself. Therefore we could get our huge baby bag inside without any room to spare. The maximum allowable weight of this bin is 11 pounds.

It Has Lots of Features

Mountain Buggy Swift baby stroller doesn’t have a parent tray. Also, It does not contain a cup holder, although it comes with a “bottle” holder. The bottle holder hangs from the side from the frame and appears just like a canvas cover surround by the mess. It works with this water bottle, baby bottle, and sippy cup. The look means it’s not as likely that products will drop out during strolling. The stroller can take both a vehicle seat and carrycot, which makes it much more appropriate.

Easy To Fold

Folding is simply the most important a part of a baby stroller. For smooth move and versatility, you have to fold it quickly and easily. In case your stroller folding product is no longer working correctly, then it ought to be more annoyed along with you. But don’t worry about that, Mountain Buggy Swift stroller includes a smooth way to easy folding and packing your stroller.

Safety Equipment Enabled

Sometimes a baby stroller can cause of injuries. Because a low of class stroller doesn’t have a peculiar safety performance in their strollers. You need complete limitation of Brakes, Cup Holders, Harness, etc. All of them are included with Mountain Buggy Swift Baby Stroller. In this smart stroller, it has quite sufficient of brakes control which can prevent a lesser offense about the clash.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Frame built with Anodized Aluminum
  • Number of wheels, tire type: 10″ air filled x 3
  • Hand Brakes included in this baby stroller
  • Handle Height: 26″ – 38.5″
  • Fold dimensions: 28 inches H x 23 inches W x 12 inches D
  • Primary seat load of Mountain Buggy Swift Stroller : 44 lbs.
  • Is that Single Stroller: YES
  • Product Weight: 20 lbs.


  • Much easier to operate than other small budget baby strollers
  • Folding option pretty good and durable
  • This baby stroller body build with aluminum and magnesium elements. So it looks cool and much hard frame from low-quality strollers
  • All kind of stander safety equipment is enabled, like brakes, cup holders, harness, etc.
  • It’s affordable and price below $500 which can buy anyone quickly
  • Its material is easy to detachable, and you can quickly clean up.
  • It has nearly enough sunshade option for preventing heat from your baby.
  • Colorful, much catchy and it had mosquitoes net for preventing from fly’s and mosquitoes.
  • Much lighter and easy to carry with personal walks


  • Poor customer care experience. Even sometimes they, not the response you over a week.
  • Sometimes it’s not much comfort for 4-5 years baby for storage or size.
  • Just like other reversible seat strollers, Mountain Buggy Swift baby stroller is very bulky once folded.
  • This baby stroller is sometimes not rotating around 180 degrees; you have to move back and make it adjustable for better movement.
  • Delivery time can take longer.

Final Verdict

Mountain Buggy Swift baby stroller is much affordable and quality baby stroller this year. It has a good amount of positive feedback by a real user. Most of them are happy to having this product with this small budget and quality product. This baby stroller has quality and mainly contains all kind of stander features which are much appreciated. I would like to recommend you that if you have a small budget and go with it. If you find this article helpful than like comments and share with your friends and let them know about this smart baby strollers.

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