Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller Review

Do you have a low budget for the new baby stroller? Are you tensed and not sure which product will be the best? Then the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller will be the best choice. I personally love the stroller a lot because this stroller can be used for two children. How? Let me explain. This baby stroller is one kind of sit N stand stroller. That means you will be able to carry two children in this stroller.

Joovy is an American company and it is popular because of high-quality products. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller is also one of the high-quality product of them. It has designed with high-quality fabric for longevity. There are no toxic elements in the components of the stroller.

So you can stay secured about the health issue of your child. Most of the existing customers of this stroller are highly pleased with the quality. Users have given positive reviews about the stroller which prove that it is not a worst product. Here I am going to give an honest review about the stroller to help you to make the final decision.

Whom this Product Has Designed for?

This is an ideal stroller for the babies who has the maximum weight is 90 pounds. Parents who want a stroller which has a lightweight and has the premium features can order this stroller. The Joovy caboose ultralight stroller has an affordable price. If the user has to go outside on a regular basis and has two children can carry them easily in the stroller. The user can carry the elder child on the back side and the newborn toddler in the seat of the stroller.

Core Features of Joovy caboose ultralight stroller


In a baby stroller, one of the most important parts is the canopy of the stroller. There is a large canopy in this Joovy caboose stroller. This canopy will give protection to your children on a hot summer day. No matter if it is too much temperature on the outside, this canopy will keep safe from the UV ray and the direct sun heat. Both of your children will remain safe as there is an extended part of the canopy on the back side of the stroller. You can also remove the extended part of the canopy and can fold to keep in the pocket.


I am a big fan of the Joovy caboose ultralight stroller because of the light weight of the stroller. Though it is ready to carry two children and heavy weight but the weight of the stroller is only 21.8 pounds. So it is easy to carry. No matter if you travel a lot and you have to carry the stroller at that time.

This is a portable stroller which is easy to fold. Just fold the stroller and carry it with a little space. After folding the stroller, it can be accommodated in most of the car trunks. You can also store the stroller at home within a little space.714jsttkujl-_sx522_

Storage Space

When it is about the children, there are a lot of things to be carried. So it is mandatory to have enough space in the stroller to carry those things. But you can stay secured with the Joovy caboose stroller. There is a large storage basket in the stroller with side pockets.

You can carry almost all the things you needed when you are traveling outside. There is also two cup holder in the stroller. You can easily store your cell phone in the pocket which is attached to the handlebar.


There are two different spaces in the stroller to carry the children. This Joovy stroller is mainly a sit N stand stroller. The elder child can be carried on the standing platform of the stroller. There is also a sitting position in the stroller to carry the elder child. The younger child can be carried in the padded seat in the stroller. The seat has a strap to hold the child with the seat. The seat of the stroller can be used as the car seat with the universal car seat adapter. The adapter is included with the stroller.


Wheels of the Joovy caboose ultralight graphite stroller are durable and filled with air. They are ready to move on different surfaces with less effort. The front wheels are 7 inches in diameter and the rear wheels are 8 inches in diameter.

Each wheel of the stroller has an independent suspension system to give the shaking free ride to your children. Each wheel is also lined with premium ball bearings for easy movement of the stroller. So you will be able to carry the children in the park, roadside, shopping malls and much more.


  • Joovy caboose ultralight stroller is one of the most lightweight strollers.
  • Very easy to fold the stroller to carry in a car trunk or store in a little space.
  • Accommodate two children perfectly and both of your children remain safe.
  • Large storage space to carry all the necessary things of your children.
  • Rubber gripped handlebars to push the stroller with less effort to move on the rough surfaces.
  • Includes Parent Organizer and a Universal Car Seat Adapter with the stroller which suits most of the brands.
  • Durable wheels with suspension to give shaking free ride to the stroller.
  • Users will get two years of warranty on this stroller.


  • Recline of the stroller is not the top notch.
  • Seat for the younger child can be made better.

Final Verdict

There a lot of brands are producing sit N stand strollers with different features. But the Joovy caboose ultralight stroller is a little bit different from them. The price of the stroller is really affordable. This is also light in weight to carry anywhere as you wish. This Joovy stroller is the perfect one for the travelers.

If you really want a premium stroller with a budget under 300, this Joovy caboose graphite is highly recommended. If you have found the Joovy caboose ultralight stroller review helpful, share with your friends.

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