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Even if the adventure is always a little scary, traveling with a baby has never been easier than today. Not only do the majority of destinations offer family-friendly services, but in addition, equipment dedicated to the comfort of young children continues to evolve towards greater autonomy and ease of use. One by one, I propose to overcome the a prior together in order not to lose the pleasure of traveling with family.

Where And How To Travel With Baby : Parenting Advice


In theory, your baby can be part of the journey from the age of 2 weeks. However, the reason often invites the parents to wait a few extra weeks because the newborns need a lot of sleep, calm and an adapted rhythm of life. Except in cases of absolute necessity, it is recommended to wait until 3 or 4 months of baby to undertake a long trip. It also allows parents to be quieter on the spot.

Note however that if there are few constraints on the minimum age, you have to be extremely organized. A trip with your baby is prepared well in advance in order to limit and anticipate as much as possible the unexpected and inconveniences. Especially if you fly with your toddlers.


In general, when traveling with young children, it is recommended to avoid destinations at risk from a safety or health point of view. Countries that are politically unstable or in regions with a harsh climate are therefore strongly discouraged. An altitude too high is not ideal for babies, and areas where you risk contracting certain diseases such as malaria.

Opt preferably for areas where the time difference is not too important so as not to disturb your baby's biological clock.

For exotic travel enthusiasts, consider choosing the right season, which is the dry season when the rains are not plentiful and during which the humidity is also not too high.

Parents are also advised to avoid destinations that are highly exposed to direct sunlight in high season. The skin and eyes of your baby are extremely fragile, but most importantly, they are not able to effectively protect themselves from the ugly UV rays without the adoption of adequate equipment ... So remember to bring for your toddler an anti UV, a hat, but also a pair of sunglasses.


In winter

In winter, the Caribbean destination is recommended for a tour organized between December and April. The Dominican Republic remains a particularly pleasant family destination. On the agenda: coconut trees and palms as far as the eye can see, lagoons bathed by turquoise waters and white sand beaches; not to mention the relaxed lifestyle of the island and the sense of hospitality of its inhabitants who make the country famous.

Another winter destination widely sought by families is Thailand. Southeast Asia is a part of the world that is conducive to family travel. Considered sacred, children are entitled to special attention from the population.

In summer

From the beginning of spring until the end of summer, France, and Europe in general, offer a pleasant weather and a beautiful diversity of landscapes. Greece, Italy or the Balearic Islands guarantee families a complete change of scenery and a luxuriant nature, accessible only 4 hours flight from Paris.

Between June and September, Bali remains a popular destination for families who avoid the monsoon period, very trying in this region of the world. The island offers a wide range of sports and nautical activities in the heart of breathtaking landscapes where white sand beaches and rice fields mingle.


My most valuable advice would be to stay in hotels with the kids-friendly facilities and amenities like those offered by The Little Guest Hotels Collection, a collection of luxury hotels for families. Label quality, it brings together prestigious establishments offering their customers the essential equipment for the comfort of the little ones (car seat, bottle warmers, pacifiers, strollers, sterilizers, etc.). Not to mention the inevitable baby-clubs! The tips of cabbages are pampered there while games and activities adapted to their age are dedicated to them. Thanks to them, the holidays are all the more profitable for parents who can give baby, without fear, to specialists in early childhood.


The Martinhal Lisbon Cascais, Portugal

The Martinhal Lisbon Cascais Family Hotel is a family-friendly address on the Atlantic coast of Lisbon. Only 30 minutes from the Portuguese capital, the hotel has a free baby club, from November 1 to March 31, for toddlers from 6 months to 18 months and a playground of 2,300 m2. Smaller children enjoy themselves in a carefree way under the amused eyes of their parents or a loving and experienced nurse, attached to the babysitting service of the hotel (from 16 € / h).

The Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, Morocco

It is on the west coast of Morocco, from the beautiful beach of El Jadida, that children from 3 months to 4 years are kings! At the Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, a free baby club offers a wide range of fun and creative activities every day (drawing, painting, crafts, etc.). The hotel also offers toddlers a high-quality babysitting service (14 € / h), but also a large number of essential everyday equipment such as car seats, strollers or children's menus. high chairs in his restaurants.

Soneva Kiri, Thailand

Housed in a private bay on Koh Kood Island, the eco-resort Senova Kiri hosts thousands of small Robinsons every year in its kids-friendly facilities. Toddlers from 12 months to 4 years old join free of charge the villa of the "Eco Den" baby club, where they are welcomed and supervised by experienced nurserymen. Toddlers also enjoy a superb outdoor play area and a pool with its own slide! Beyond 18h, the nannies of the babysitting service take over (from € 16 / h).


Mirtillo Rosso Family Hotel, Italy

Dedicated to families, the Mirtillo Rosso is a mountain address with breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks, as well as all the invigorating benefits of the fresh air of the Alps. This hotel, family in every sense of the word, is very attentive to the well-being of the smallest. Her baby club welcomes little ones from 1 to 3 years old. The establishment has a sense of detail and goes as far as creating moments of mini insertion so that the child becomes familiar with his new environment. Parents are also invited to participate in this essential step for the comfort of their babies! Nothing is more reassuring than knowing between which hands will be the apple of our eyes.

Always in the same spirit, this establishment prepares tailor-made meals for the little ones! The proof, a card is especially dedicated to children from 0 to 2 years: small purées and tasty broths are prepared every day with fresh products as if the Chef concocted them for his own children!

Shanti Mauritius Resort & Spa, Mauritius

Set in a quiet family resort, Shanti Maurice nestles on the south coast of the island of the same name. It enjoys an idyllic tropical setting and a beautiful cove inhabited by hundreds of corals.

Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa offers freshly prepared mashed potatoes and compotes for babies under 6 months of age. So that the little stomach of its "Little Guests" is not disturbed and avoid colic, the hotel offers not only allergen-free menus but also milk and small dishes to warm brands Bledina and Nestle, quite adapted to babies.

As a little something extra bonus, the hotel offers a child club available to babies from 4 months and offers guardians a top quality babysitting service!

Villa Sungai, Bali

Do you like tailor-made? Villa Sungai, located on the southwestern coast of Bali, bends over backwards to satisfy everyone's desires. Introduction to local customs, preparation of offerings for the temples of the area, sharing with the inhabitants of the surrounding communes: a real lesson of life!

While their parents feast on the refined flavors of the restaurant, the gourmets find their happiness a la carte. The "Bali Babes" menu offers a wide variety of purees (based on fruits, vegetables, meats, fish) freshly mixed by the Chef for the little taste buds. A delight !


Anantara Vilamoura Algarve Resort, Algarve

Looking for a baby club for your little one? After the arrival of baby, parents often need to recharge their batteries. That's good Anantara Vilamoura is one of the few establishments in our collection to offer a service for children from 2 months! Nestled in an enchanting setting not far from the beach and the ocean, this property is ideal for exploring the Algarve under the sun.

The program of the nursery, very varied, declines many activities: workshops and games to learn the colors or the letters, to recognize the sound of the animals of the farm or the jungle, painting sessions and even baby-gym. To promote and maintain the awakening of babies Anantara Vilamoura even includes activities inspired by Montessori pedagogy, such as sensory bottles. After all these activities the "dream time" is the perfect time to recharge its batteries gently.

The Grand Hotel des Thermes, Saint Malo

Want an iodized parenthesis on the Emerald Coast? We recognize the Grand Hotel des Thermes Saint Malo, with its splendid Belle Epoque facade, behind which hides its famous thalassotherapy center. Families seeking rest and well-being like to pack their bags at this iconic hotel.

While their parents relax at the Spa, children from 2 months to 6 years old enjoy an exclusive wakeup area. Open from Monday to Saturday, the baby club is supervised by early childhood professionals. Toddlers who wish to have lunch with their new playmates and their favorite animators are welcome to the mini club from 12:30 to 14:00!

Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa, Andorra

At the bend of the valleys and summits of the Pyrenees, Andorra is an endearing country, perfectly adapted to a break with family. Renowned for its superb ski slopes, the Principality is a real paradise for snow sports enthusiasts! Surrounded by forest, the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa offers all the contemporary luxury in a setting that has kept all its authenticity.

At the heart of the establishment, a colorful and fun play area, welcomes children from 2 months to 4 years daily from 10h to 22h, priced at 25 € / hour. Toddlers play safely under the watchful eye of a professional and experienced team. The lunches can even be taken on the spot at the price of 10 €.


Hotel Royal Evian, France

A spa town par excellence, Evian is known worldwide for its famous mineral water of the same name which springs in the heart of the Alps of Haute-Savoie. Nestled along the French shore of the famous Lake Geneva, The Royal Evian is a remarkable establishment for families. Among the many strengths of this hotel, treatments specially designed for young mothers and their babies from 4 to 10 months are a real must. On the program: introduction to the massage of an infant and skin care.

A parenthesis of well-being and complicity as well as a dedicated program: Mom will learn to massage her baby and communicate with him through exclusive programs, not to mention the relaxing and beauty treatments, while baby will be taken care of ( from 4 months) by professionals of the early childhood at the Baby Resort. The ideal equation to reconnect with your body!

In addition to a play area, the Baby Resort offers a baby bottle, a currency exchange room and a space dedicated to the nap. The rates vary according to the hours worked: 2h / 30 €, 4h / 50 € (lunch or snack included), 4h and more / 85 € (lunch and meal included).

Grand Hotel Thalasso and Spa, Saint-Jean de Luz

Its pink façade is almost reflected in the waters of the Bay of Biscay ... The Grand Hotel Thalasso and Spa proudly displays its 1900 silhouette on the beach of Saint Jean de Luz. In a beautiful bay, not far from a pedestrian city center, it enjoys an incredible geographical situation, between sea and mountains, only 10 minutes from Spain!

At the heart of the hotel, the Thalasso & Spa Loreamar reserves the best in terms of fitness and well-being. For the youngest, the Aquatic Awakening program is reserved for 3-6 year olds. It is in the indoor seawater pool that toddlers can learn to get acquainted with the aquatic world while being accompanied by the kind help of competent therapists. For the comfort of all, the Kids-club of the hotel also welcomes children from 3 to 16 years!


Little Guest has found some pearls: baby clubs that are open a little later than others ... and allow parents to enjoy the early evening!

Danai Beach Resort & Villas, Greece

Danai Beach Resort & Villas, this baby club is FREE and all activities are supervised by a qualified and multilingual staff (Russian, Greek and English)!

Martinhal Lisbon Chiado Family Suites, Lisbon

In the heart of historical Lisbon, the Martinhal Lisbon Chiado is called "The World's First City-Center Elegant Family Hotel"! Elegance, a cozy atmosphere and colors are the order of the day in this magnificent apartment hotel complex. Speaking of baby club, until October 31, 2019 it is open from 09:30 to 22 hours! The opportunity to go eat a delicious Arroz de marisco or walk the two streets of Lisbon.

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, Canary Islands

It is on the volcanic island of Tenerife, not far from the famous city of Adeje, that is the Hard Rock Hotel, rather unusual establishment in the hotel landscape! As innovative as it is luxurious, it offers you the opportunity to experience a holiday combining the extraordinary atmosphere of the island and the energy of legendary music. Far from being reserved for adult rock fans, the Hard Rock Hotel has many services dedicated to children, including a baby club. The latter has the specificity to stay open until 21h. Once a week, even keeps your toddlers until midnight! Let's rock!


The question of the preferred means of transportation is often a real headache when traveling with a baby. Circulating with a young child always requires carrying a lot of things (baby equipment, food, change of clothes, etc.

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For short trips, the car remains the most popular means of transportation for families. Very practical, it offers greater autonomy and allows not to be too narrow in terms of luggage, but also a greater freedom of schedules and stops. Only downside: the arrival time is often uncertain. Browse this article on car rides with baby for more tips and tricks.

For long distances, the plane will be preferred. Generally, children fly free until the age of 2 years and a cradle is made available to them on long haul. The only drawback is the sometimes very long waiting time before recording. Check out the conditions for your airline's baby luggage in this article. If you are a pregnant woman and you are afraid to travel by plane, this article on tips for pregnant women by plane will be very useful.

In any case, whatever the means of transport chosen, consider carrying with you a stroller ultra lightweight and a baby carrier to circulate as freely as possible without unnecessarily overloading you.


Print a checklist

Preparing the baby's suitcase requires a little organization and a lot of common sense. It's about not forgetting anything, anticipating all possible scenarios and above all, staying zen! To accompany you in this heavy task, here is a downloadable checklist to organize the luggage of babies from 0 to 3 years old. Thanks to this checklist, preparing the baby's bag becomes a breeze. So that baby will probably claim the appropriation of his own travel baggage. Autonomy made possible by all the children's suitcases available on the market. Among them, the number one carrying suitcase: the Dream Rider Samsonite, which we propose a critical analysis in this article.

Regarding the choice of clothes, a little common sense is enough to prepare the bag. Keep in mind, however, that if the days are hot and sunny, evenings can be very cool, as is the case in Northern Thailand.

The essential pharmacy

Also remember to pack a first aid kit for the little sores of everyday life, consisting of some essential drugs. If you need to buy medicine on the spot, always go to an official pharmacy!

If you are going to a hot and / or humid country, do not forget to bring with you a small mosquito net to easily hang around a cradle or stroller. Also plan for light but covering clothes to properly equip your baby against mosquitoes until the end of the evening. All of our mosquito prevention tips and tricks are listed in this article.

Which papers to take away?

For paperwork, inquire several months before your departure date to make sure you do not forget anything. In general, when traveling within one's country of origin, an identity card is sufficient to justify the age of the child for charging, especially for train journeys. Before 4 years, it is not even necessary by train or car. By contrast, airlines require ID for domestic flights for any passenger, regardless of age.

When you leave the national territory, identity documents are required for the whole family. In EU countries, the Shengen area and Switzerland, the identity card is sufficient. For the rest of the world, only the updated passport will serve as an identity document. It is mandatory and sometimes requires a visa. Little Guest reminds you of all the tickets required to travel with a child in this very comprehensive article on parental permissions!

Keep calm and have a good trip!

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