How To Handle The Stress Of Divorce : Dealing With Divorce Anxiety

Dealing With Divorce Anxiety

Anyone going through a mutual divorce or separation will find that it is initially a trying and difficult time. Not only do you still have your responsibilities piling up with work and kids, but you’re mourning your relationship.

Perhaps the hardest aspect of going through a divorce is coming to terms with the process. Oftentimes, the people involved experiencing an array of emotions ranging from hurt and anger to disbelief and shock. The best thing you can do for your mental health is to let yourself naturally experience these emotions and understand that everyone works differently. Some people are able to move on quickly without expectations, while others may feel lost without their partner and simply try to work through the hurt day-by-day.

It is hard to imagine, let alone consider what the future has in store for you. Perhaps this is why people always say that when you’re faced with great difficulty, time is a good healer. However, that doesn’t really take away the pain you feel right now, and it may not go away for many years. As you get used to your life without your partner, you start to get into the swing of things until the divorce affects you less and less.

Here are some tips from Clarity Clinic that may help you get through your separation:

  • Have someone that you can talk to and lean on for support. Whether that’s a friend or a family member, make sure they’re a good listener! If you don’t have anyone who lives near you, writing down your emotions can help you cope. Some people find that starting a journal or a diary can help them work through their thoughts and feelings.
  • Let yourself slowly experience each day as it comes and don’t try to pressure yourself into moving on. In fact, try to occupy yourself with basic menial tasks that can help keep your mind off of the details of what you’re going through. However, it is important that you never overwhelm yourself with too much work.
  • Give yourself some relaxing “me time” every day. You may find solace in a favorite hobby, reading a book or taking a relaxing bath. Whatever you do, don’t lose yourself during this process.
  • Try to avoid making any rash or life-altering decisions during the divorce process. If there are children involved, try to remain as level-headed and responsible as you possibly can by sticking to a routine.

Dealing with divorce anxiety can be challenging and one should be carefully managing it.

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