10 Essential Parenting Tips For Raising Twins Baby

Raising Twins Trick That Work

The arrival in the world of a baby is a great change for the whole family, but if instead of one, there are two or … three or more, the vicissitudes multiply almost to the same extent.

Raising Twins in the same crib?

Like all newborns, they need time to develop good sleep habits. At first babies can sleep in the same crib to feel more secure and calm, because it reproduces the situation of the womb. It will only be necessary to separate them to prevent them from waking up if their sleep rhythm is different. If you want them to continue sleeping close to each other, there are bar cribs specially designed for twins.

Cry twice

Crying is one of the situations that most distress parents, and, if it occurs twice, the nerves are seriously affected. On many occasions you will not know who to comfort first. Try to stay calm and think that even if they cry a few more minutes, nothing will happen to them.

Solve the problems one by one and always keep in mind that one of the peculiarities of twins is that in a few weeks they will learn to wait their turn. Over time you will get to know them and you will know who you should pay attention to first, and you will even be able to rock them and pay attention to them at the same time.

Raising Twins Breastfeeding is possible

Your breasts are ready to feed more than one baby. The quantity of milk is not a problem, because the greater the stimulation, the greater the production. The pediatrician will monitor the growth curve of the little ones, which will indicate if it is enough or if it is necessary to give them complementary bottles.

It is best if you learn to breastfeed at the same time, one from each breast. This way they will regulate their rhythms and you will have more free time between feedings, because at first, since they will not have much weight, they will have to eat every two hours.

The matron will tell you how to do it. The most comfortable thing so that your back does not suffer from the weight of the two babies is to give it to them in bed. Place the children at your sides, with their legs back and their little heads turned towards your breasts.

There are special cushions, but if you do not have these, place a normal one under the body of each baby so that his mouth is at the correct height. Replace them with each breast.

If you bottle feed them, share the diet with your partner or family to save time. Alternate babies so that you all enjoy the pampering and tender moments that occur during mealtime.

Buy for two

In the market you can find many articles that facilitate the care and rest of children such as double backpacks, crib dividers, clamps to connect strollers, special strollers … Plan well what you need depending on the characteristics of your home, visiting specialized stores, seeking advice from other parents and shopping as you need are wise measures.

The websites of multiple birth associations will be a good starting point to locate all kinds of special accessories for twins and triplets. An interesting option that you should not forget are second-hand goods.

Don’t call them “the twins”

Just because they were born at the same time does not mean that your children are the same. Each one has its character and it is important to reinforce its individuality from birth. Spend time for each one separately and call them by name, trying not to address them as “twins”, “twins”, “children” …

It is advisable to promote each child’s personality by choosing different clothes for them. If people confuse you because of their great physical resemblance, it is convenient to associate each child with a distinctive – colored bow, brooch, pin … – that allows a quick identification.

10 General Tips For Twin Babies : Raising Twins

We are offering 10 general recommendations to help parents in this double parenting process.

  • To face the maternity / paternity of twins thinking that it is a gift. “Only if they live it in this way they will be able to face the great effort that it will entail.
  • Monitor your baby’s activities.
  • In childcare, be practical and learn to differentiate what is important from what is superfluous. Do not waste energy on things that are not necessary. Keep eye on both of them with the help of best baby monitor for twins.
  • Decrease perfectionism and adapt to the resources available to the couple
  • Stop feeling guilty for not being able to pay attention to them 24 hours and think about the positive of being two
  • Be very organized for everything. Be consistent with the rules and organized in terms of schedules, routines, meals, etc. so that chaos does not invade them
  • That the couple divide the tasks according to the abilities of each one and that there is a balance between what each one does for.
  • Asking people close to you for help at certain times is a great help and relief when facing this new double parenthood.
  • Be patient and take advantage of the little free time available to do a rewarding activity for everyone.
  • Although it is easier for one to take care of one child and the other to take care of the other, it is counterproductive for the couple to distance each other if the siblings are not together.

Raising Twins First Year : Newborn Twins Schedule

Newborn Twins Schedule

Coming soon ……

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  2. Life with newborn twins

  3. When does raising twins get easier

  4. Raising twins book


Take a moment of the day to play with Raising Twins, or enjoy watching them behave.

The good times will also be double.

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