Bugaboo Stroller Accessories - Stroller Organizer Bag 2

Bugaboo Stroller Accessories – Best Stroller Organizer Bag 2018

Enjoy heaviness in muscle bag from Bugaboo Stroller Organizer Bag

You choose a Bugaboo Stroller for your baby than it may cause a think that how you can get option for taking some extra thing with the stroller? Such as you may like to carry some lite cloths or towels, napkins or diapers for emergency than which option you should try. Many like to carry some Food box or a Tiffin jar with the Stroller. With the latest user experienced customer oriented accessories Bugaboo introduced Bugaboo Stroller Organizer. Max Barenbrug and Eduard Zanen designer of Bugaboo shape it one of the best Bugaboo stroller accessories. Obliviously this organizer has some exclusive features which will make you to like it.

Bugaboo Stroller Accessories - Stroller Organizer Bag

Bugaboo Stroller Accessories – Stroller Organizer

The organizer designed in the shape of two storm pound, which make it extra muscle bending for carrying elements. There some add valuing features.

  • Simple get to and advantageous capacity of your own parcels
  • Isolate capacity pockets for guardians and Childs’ basics.
  • Accommodate on the handlebar or behind the seat
  • Sleight in own weight only 11.4ounch
  • Best suited with all Bugaboo strollers
  • Both side chained option for taking extra documents or your hand phone
  • Fulcra made clips which will help easy mounting

Bugaboo Stroller Accessories - Stroller Organizer Bag 1

The bag is materialize with extra folded rayon and knitted with pure nylon for protecting the inside material. The rayon layer will provide an average temperature for inside elements. The shape in width of 13.8inches and length of 4.3inch as well as contains folding of 11.2 inchs which is just good enough.

Bugaboo Stroller Accessories - Stroller Organizer Bag 3

As mini handle bag for regular use particles or ingredients you can make an experience in it. You may face a problem the lite Velcro use in it. Don’t worry just make soft hand use if any damage happen than the warranty service is for you. If you are thinking that you will use your money wisely than you can try this Bugaboo Universal organizer.


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