Bugaboo Stroller Accessories – Bugaboo 2018 Comfort Wheeled Board

Add some extra speed in pushchair treated from Best Umbrella Stroller extras

As a responsible guardian or babysitter, you like to provide the cute baby a nice stroll ride every day.  When you are thinking how you can give that than Bugaboo introduced something new in this New Year. For giving a polish ride experience in pushchair Bugaboo manufactured Bugaboo 2018 Comfort Wheeled Board. It is selected best choice in new year Bugaboo stroller accessories. Now as a user how may you find benefit from this accessory ?

Bugaboo Stroller Accessories Wheeled Board

You can create some space of landing your baby in the stroller. This popular accessory is shaped in like of best strolling experience. The two side space and three wheel system make it top view accessory from Bugaboo. The specialties are…

  • Tyke can pick between a standing or situated ride with a simple tap on and click off the separable
  • Night sideboard situating, favored side to be picked by a parent.
  • Built to be hearty – up to a heap of 44 lbs.

Bugaboo Stroller Accessories Wheeled Board 2

Why Bugaboo Stroller Accessories – Comfort Wheeled Board

You may like to know about the best suiting capability of this accessory. This wheeled board is compatible with the New Year board adapters (sold separately). The Bee5 does not require an adapter, attaches via the integrated attachment points. Now, most of the users are concerned about the Bugaboo 2017 Comfort Wheel Board weight lifting capacity. As per World Health organization standard baby weights category Bugaboo designed this for bearing 44lbs standard. But if you wish you can override it extra 10lbs weight. But for that, you have to cautious about the baby movement when in the stroller.

Bugaboo Stroller Accessories

The user manual is in a different language so you may get confused about the ready make process for using Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board. Just follow my simple way to attach it to the stroller. Simply unpack it and click the crewing point in two top corners of the board. Clip it with the balance bar option on the low side of the stroller. For giving your baby a sleek riding experience and low stamina cause rounding you should try this New Year accessory from Bugaboo.


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