Bugaboo Stroller Accessories – Bugaboo Parasol

Gift your baby a smooth sunshine, apply Bugaboo pushchair attachments

In which season you like to travel with your baby? The answer will classic, it is summer because of the modest climate and giving give your baby some extra vitamin B from the sunlight which will make the skin more strong. But all the time the ray does not contain modest temperature.

Sometimes it became so hot and that cause danger for your baby. So you are thinking about the protection from overheating the solution is simple. You can use Bugaboo Parasol (Sunrise Yellow). Bugaboo assembles one of selected Bugaboo stroller accessories for protecting the baby riding in the stroller.

Bugaboo Parasol Sunrise Yellow

The design is just extra eye catching and strong for protecting the excessive wind push. The sun ray cannot make damage to the baby skin if the is protected by this Bugaboo Parasol. The feature which you will like…

  • Perfect suit with all Bugaboo strollers aside from of the Runner style
  • Accompanies 2 connectors, no compelling reason to utilize connectors on the Bugaboo Bee5 because of the coordinated connection focuses.
  • Gives sun ray protection assurance of UPF more than fifty
  • Different positions for ideal sun insurance.

Bugaboo Parasol Royal Blue

Best Bugaboo Stroller Accessories – Bugaboo Parasol

Why the designers choose the yellow color ? Because yellow color is cool and maintains the smart protection from over heat. You can easily chose another color from option menu. The shaft point of the parasol makes it strong in folding option. Also there is dismount just one button push clearly.

No extra space or attachment process is required to use it. It has pure staleness steel frame which is moisture proof from the water. So the tension of getting broken is not possible because optimal inside and outside protection are available. The steels contain a smooth finishing so the baby will not injure from the steel frame.

Bugaboo Parasol Petrol Blue

Colors Are Available :

  • Sunrise Yellow
  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Navy
  • Off White
  • Olive Green
  • Orange
  • Petrol Blue
  • Red
  • Royal Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Sand
  • Sky Blue
  • Soft Pink

Bugaboo Parasol Orange

Due to the availability of fourteen different color of this single accessory, it is complex to choose the right color. We respect your fashion sense and style. But in the question of relaxing sun ray protection, you should choose the color which has dispatch relation with sun ray. The Bugaboo Parasol (Sunrise Yellow) is one of the best Bugaboo Stroller Accessories choices for you among all.


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