Best Gifts For Newborn Babies 2017

How to makes your Newborn Baby happy ???

I describe here 4 Best Gifts For Newborn Babies. I surely say this if you bring some baby gift toy it make surprises to your Baby. Have you thought to give some special gifts to your child ?? Gifts are always a good way to make someone happy. No matter the age of the person. Children are also become happy like the adults when they got a gift.

What Are The Best Gifts For Newborn Babies ??

There are a lot of gift items are available in online and off line stores. But you should select some gifts which will be a good element to learn something new.

Here I Describe Some Ideas Of Best Gifts For Newborn Babies

1. 5 Pairs Cotton Socks.

2. Honest Gift Box.

3. Baby Einstein – Musical Toy & Neptune Toy.

4. Sassy Bumpy Ball.

Fly-love 5 pairs Animal Non-Skid Slip Toddler Socks Cotton Unisex

If you wants to gift the child something different which can be used for some purposes, you can order this product.

It is a box of 5 pairs Animal Non-Skid Slip Toddler Socks. That’s A perfect Gift for newborn. They are made of 95% of cotton and 5% of nylon.

All season usable – Summer, Spring & Autumn.

Each pair of Socks have a great outlook, made of bright color combination with different design which is eye catchy for babies.

Best Gifts For Newborn Babies

You can get Mixed color in one box. It has made with elastic closure. Socks are non-skid slip which help to protect the toddler.

Quality of the socks are great. Most of the customers have said this one is a perfect gift for any toddler. These socks are unisex. That means you can gift the box to a boy child or a girl child.

Easily fit 0-18 months babies, Length of feet 9-12 cm /3.54-4.9 inches.

Gift box Dimension 9.1 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches. This gift set gives you a free gift – One pc Key chain with a Thank you card.

Awesome packaging & good presentation & perfect Best Gifts For Newborn Babies I had ever seen before !


Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set

Another perfect gift for the children. The set box wrapped with reusable wooden box made by paulownia wood.

You can also use this gift box for diaper storage, keeping toys, Photos and many more.

These product is also quite popular among the parents. Price of the gift is affordable and you can get in hand within two days.

There are 7 essential items in this box. Gift box dimension – 13.6 x 9.8 x 4.1 inches and Weight 14.4 ounces.

Best Gifts For Newborn Babies

They are made of non-toxic, safe natural ingredients to keep the child safe from any diseases.

With this gift, your child will be able to make his/her days more delightful. There are also included diapers in this box.

Some body care products are also included in this gift box. Some of them are shampoo, body wash liquid, face and body lotion etc.

Price of this Best Gifts For Newborn Babies is too cheap, hopes you like to grab it now, because it’s the best baby toy gift with low prices.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy and Musical Tunes Neptune Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Want to brought something special to your child which will make him happy ? Then you can order the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy.

This is a musical toy which is the number one best seller in the category of baby toys. There are 7 baby friendly classical melodies available in this toy.

baby toy gift

This is so much colorful which will make your child happy. Volume of the toy can be changed to Off, Low and High. Also added colorful lights in this toy to make your child happy.

Easy to grab the toy and the buttons of the toy are big enough to hold by the child. You can buy it separately, also together.


Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Tunes Neptune Toy

This toy is also recommended Best Gift For Newborn babies. Musical Tunes Neptune Toy have multiple sounds features.

You need to push tummy of Neptune’s to play melodies. The tummy position is very suitable for babies.

baby gift toy

It have 4 classical soft melody sounds which is very effective tones for babies. 3 languages available English, Spanish & French.

It also has ocean sounds available on it. This baby toy gift is not harmful for babies. You can buy Neptune toy separately, also with musical toy together.

This baby toy gift – Musical Toy & Neptune Toy is Best Gifts For Newborn Babies. Price is also reasonable.


Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball – Best Gifts For Newborn Babies

This one will be a great toy for your child. Play with this ball is funny. Quality of the ball is great. There is no toxic element in this ball.

That is why most of the parents have rated this product as 5 star. This product is also the best seller in the category of Balls for Babies & Toddlers & made it non-toxic element.

It is colorful and there are a lot of colorful bids inside of it. Color is highly contrast easily attract babies eye & develop motor skill. Babies always focus on it.

baby gift toys

Mild Gentle rattle sounds. It is soft and there is no chance of any injury with the ball. Baby Toy Gift Dimension its rounded approx 5.5 x 7.5 x 8.9 inches.

Sassy Ball develop babies motor skill. Suitable for 0-12 months babies. Manufacturer produces this ball design helps to develop babies skill.

This Ball got 2010 Oppenheim Toy Platinum Award. This is one of the Best Gifts For Newborn Babies.

Final Verdict

You can also order other toys and gifts for your child. Just make sure the toy is made of non-toxic element. Just click the given links and choose your Best Gifts For Newborn Babies. You can find here thousands of Baby Toy Gift. Just go through the link.


Fly-love 5 pairs Animal Non-Skid Slip Toddler Socks Cotton Unisex

Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Tunes Neptune Toy

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball