Best Crib Mobile For Brain Development

It takes time for the brain of a newborn to develop, and that is the reason for the use of devices that can help with the growth. Using the best crib mobile for brain development will surely help in enhancing the development of your baby’s brain.

There have been lots of debate and deliberation on if truly baby mobiles helps in babies brain development but with research and experience with babies and the use of baby mobiles, I can tell that it plays a great role in helping babies develop very fast.

What is a crib mobile?

Crib mobile is not strange to seasoned moms and to some new moms as well. It is the structural design of a comfortable sleeping place for babies made from different materials. The baby mobiles are objects hanging on the crib to soothe and calm babies.

It is then realized that the baby mobile has its dynamic way of helping babies in boosting their brain development. It plays a great role in developing the sensory part of the brain, and that most parents are now careful with the model or the style of baby mobiles they choose because it is the child’s first learning tool.

So, here on this page, you get to know more about the crib mobile and the type you should consider for your baby.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Baby Mobiles


The primary purpose of using baby mobiles is not to get your baby to sleep. If your baby sleeps as a result of the baby mobiles, it doesn’t mean it was designed for that purpose. The primary function of baby mobiles that you hang on the crib is to help with stimulating the brain function of your baby and also help in aiding neural development.

Sometimes, it is the major reason kids find it hard to fall asleep, and if you’ve noticed that with your baby, you might have to do away with the baby mobiles so that your baby can get enough rest.


There are different baby mobile styles you will find in the market. There you have the movable and fixed. Some come with a design that makes it easy for you to remove and return whenever you want to use it. For instance, you noticed it is stopping your baby from sleeping, and you can remove and return when your baby is alive after a sound rest.

To remove the baby mobile, you have to take notice of how it was attached to the crib initially for easy removal. Also, some are not removable but allow you to change the position from a significant point to a non-significant point so that your baby can sleep.

Color and images

The color is not much of a thing to lose your peace on because infants do not see very well. Obviously, the color is not something you have to worry about. Some claimed bright color is ideal for stimulation, while some also claim that black and white is better for newborns because they are vast at seeing high contrast images than complex images.

Manual or motorized

You’ve also got the two operation types of baby mobiles you should consider. There you have the manual and the motorized. The manual is known to be the traditional method where you have to touch the baby’s mobile for it to move around. Once you notice it is about to stop, you touch again or change the position of the crib.

The motorized is the modern style which saves you the stress of touching the baby mobile every minute to ensure it doesn’t become static. This method involves the use of remote control where you press a button, and the baby mobile will start making some irregular movement. This style of baby mobile is common today.


Baby mobiles are made of different materials, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. There are three different types of materials used for baby mobiles, and they are cloth, plastic and wooden.

  • Cloth

You can’t keep away tradition or olden days ways of doing things. Well, technology is advancing, and some manufacturer is doing their best to ensure they still make baby mobiles with a cloth. It is safe to use, but it can attract dust, dirt and can be quite unhealthy to have such above your baby.

However, if you are concerned and interested in washing frequently, it is one you should consider.

  • Plastic

Plastic is the preferred option for parents these days, and that is because it is durable and very easy to maintain. Once it gets dirty or attracts dust, or get stained, you can easily keep cleaning using a clean cloth to wipe away the dirt.

  • Wooden

This is the third option, and it is a good one at that. It is easy to clean too, but one needs to be sure of the quality of the wooden material used for the production of the baby mobile.

Baby Mobile Features To Consider

There are some features that you need to consider when choosing or buying a baby mobile.


Don’t be surprised it is the first on the list. Babies get motivated by sounds. You should do well by getting a baby mobile that has music integrated into it. There are many out there today in the market. They have songs and music notes recorded and stored in them.

Once the baby mobile keeps moving, the song will keep your baby alert as it also helps in boosting their development because babies love to trace where the sound comes from.

Also, you can get an electrical baby mobile or a battery-powered one. If you get battery-powered, then you need to constantly change while the electric one requires you to charge, and once it is fully charged, it can play music for a longer period of time.


This is an added feature that is not common to a most baby mobile. The lighting is of different types that encapsulate the whole crib area with different types of light design. This will surely keep your kids active and happy, especially when the light moves around the crib.

Motion detection

Some baby mobile comes with advanced feature such as motion detection. On the off chance that your baby falls asleep and you are carried away with one thing or another, the sound from the device will alert you of the movement of your baby so that you can quickly attend to him/her.

Remote control

Now, you do not have to move so close to a baby mobile before you can initiate an action. Maybe you are some miles away, and you want to spin the baby mobile or stop it from spinning; you can always do that using the remote control.

From the remote device, you just initiate the command button while the sensor from the device picks the message and carries out whatever you directed it to do.


The price of baby mobile is different from each other. There are different brands and companies in the production of such baby products, and one of the ways of getting the best is to purchase one of the products from a respected brand.

However, they are not expensive as you can acquire any below hundreds of dollars.

Frequently asked questions

When is the right time to stop using baby mobile?

There is no right time for your baby to stop using baby mobile. However, once your baby is outgrowing the crib or he or she can stand upright to drag the baby mobile, you should then know it is time to remove the device. If your baby can stand tall to drag the baby mobile, he /she can fall off the crib as a result of that. So, for safety reasons, it is the best time to stop using it.

Can I use the baby mobile for more than one baby?

Once your baby outgrows the use of the baby mobile, you can keep it stored somewhere safe. Whenever you have your next baby, you can revert to it and use it again instead of buying a new one, except it gets damaged.

I grew up to witness my mum giving out the baby crib she used for my sister and me, and I asked her why and she told me she is done with childbearing. If you are not done with childbearing, you can always use your baby mobile for more than one baby as long as is properly handled.


There are lots of baby mobiles you can consider out there in the market. However, this post is focused on sharing with you some vital information on the best crib mobile for brain development. Maybe you are not even aware of the benefits of using a baby mobile for your kids.

It thus has a great way of helping them grow mentally even when some claim it doesn’t. So, if you want to enhance the brain development of your baby, you can consider the use of baby mobiles.

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