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There are different ways you can get stylish with your child’s crib, but not all crib has the design for you to turn into a co-sleeper. Getting the best crib for the sidebar will help in its dynamic way to bring you closer to your babies.

A side carried crib is the best means of getting close to your baby while still on the bed. It gives you the platform to breastfeed without you standing up from your bed. The setup or design ensures that your baby can easily crawl from the crib to your bed and then return to the crib to sleep or rest.

There are many ways you can turn your crib to be applicable in a sidecar position, and it takes lots of effort to do so; the critical aspect of the whole process is getting the right tools and equipment needed to do the task.

How Can You Redesign A Crib For A Sidecar?

If you are interested in converting your baby’s crib for a sidecar, you need some essential tools to get that done quickly. Below are the following steps you need to follow.

Remove one side of the crib

For a crib to work in sidecar style, you need to remove a side of the crib to be quite easy for you to attach to your bed. You can make use of a screwdriver to unscrew the nut and bolt that is used to fasten the bars together.

Some are not fastened with bolts and nuts but with a nail, and you need to get rid of the nail. Doing this will require some tools, which will make it all easier for you to do.

Select a perfect side for the crib

Once you have removed a section from the crib, it is next for you to attach it to your bed, and you need to be more considerate with how you do that. It is essential that that crib should be at one corner of your room, resting on a wall or something that will serve as the support it needs.

It must never be loose as your baby can easily fall off if the crib gets detached from the bed, and you are not close to taking notice of that. So, you need to get to the right place where the crib will rest on and then push your bed closer to the crib.

Once your bed is close to the crib, it will be quite difficult for the crib to get detached. Also, you shouldn’t just push the crib to one side and also push the bed closer to it. You need to join the two together by any means.

Some people make use of nails and hammers to join some part of the crib to some part of the bed to ensure the crib is firm and rightly attached to the bed. Some make use of rope to join the leg of the crib with the bed and many more. The main thing is that you should do all to ensure that the crib is firmly joined with the bed.

Consider the mattress height

Now that you want to join your baby crib to your bed, you need to ensure that they find it easy to crawl to your bed and crawl back to the crib. This means the height of the crib mattress must be the same height as your own mattress to make the transition or movement easy for your baby.

The best way to do that is to get a new mattress, or you go with the option of using padding to raise the crib height to the same as your own bed. Once they are of the same height, your baby can find it fun and smooth to move from one place to another.

Furthermore, if padding doesn’t work with the mattress, there are other methods you can use, such as raising or lowering the frame of your bed, raising or lowering the crib’s leg, the crib mattress, or your own bed mattress. Any of the methods above will work perfectly.

Cover all edges

One of the things that happen with redesigning a crib is that some edges can be rough during the process and could be harmful to your baby. It is important that you smooth out every edge or any part of the reconstructed crib that could be of harm to your baby.

Why Should You Consider A Baby Crib Sidecar?

There are few reasons you need to consider using your baby crib as a sidecar.

Closeness to your baby

For a nursing mother that has to breastfeed the baby often, you need to bring the baby closer to you always, and using a crib thus requires that you get off your bed, take a little walk to the crib and carry the baby to breastfeed.

It can be quite challenging to do this at all times, especially during the late hour of the day. So, using a sidecar crib will sure help you reduce the stress of getting off your bed to breastfeed when you can easily get that done by moving closer to your baby.

Also, it helps to improve the closeness and relationship you have with your baby. Some researchers even declare that cosleeping with a baby has a great way of helping them to grow. So, you should never allow a crib to separate you and your baby when you can turn it into a sidecar.

Saves you money

Instead of buying a bassinet which you can bring on your bed, converting a crib will save you a fortune. Most parents need to consider buying a new crib as their baby keeps growing, but you can get the right solution to that by easily converting the crib to a sidecar.

More room to sleep

Instead of bringing your baby to the bed and you having to manage the space you have on your bed, a sidebar crib will help to ensure your baby have enough space to sleep while you also have the whole bed to yourself.

Safety Tips For Sidecar Crib Application

Here is the safety measure that you need to give maximum attention to whenever you are using a sidecar crib for your baby.

Pay attention to your baby

If you are placing your baby in a sidecar crib, you should not be far from the room. You should always check on your baby often to ensure your baby is in good condition. If your baby is sleeping, you should not be too far as he/she can wake anytime and crawl out of the crib if no one is around to attend to the baby.

Always check the crib before placing your baby

Assuming you have all under control can be dangerous. You should always check the crib and ensure it is in good condition before you put your baby in the crib. Check the attachment, the point of attachment to your bed, to ensure there is no space or gap.

Don’t leave harmful things in the crib

You should ensure you don’t leave anything thing that could harm your baby in the crib. Apart from things that can harm your baby, you should never allow anything that could allow your baby to get out of the crib.

For instance, if you keep toys in the crib, your kids might be forced to stand up to the crib and try to climb through if possible, on the off chance that the toy falls off from the crib.

Use a comfortable mattress

The next thing you need to consider is the comfort of your baby. You should get a comfortable mattress that your kids will find convenient to use. If it is not comfortable, your baby might find it hard to sleep comfortably for a longer period.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it safe to use a sidecar crib?

Using a sidecar crib will only get to boost the bond between a mother and the baby. It is very safe to use and has more benefits because it helps to keep the relationship of the mother and baby strong. With it, you can easily get close to your kids for all kinds of activities.

Can I turn the crib to sidecar myself?

If you do not have the resources to do that yourself, you can call on the service of an expert. However, it is very easy to fix. You just need to remove a section from the crib, increase or reduce the height of the crib with the aim to ensure it is parallel to your own bed.

How long can you use a sidecar crib?

For safety reasons, you should consider the removal of the sidecar crib once your baby has outgrown the crib. Most parents suggest that 6 months is the best time to stop the usage of sidecar crib but once your child begin to rollover and move out of the crib, it is time to remove.

Is a co sleeper worth it?

To some, co sleeping is one of the best experiences they ever had with nursing a baby and some don’t find it interesting at all. But overall, the idea behind it which is to bring your baby closer and having enough room to sleep is not a bad one.


This post on The Best Crib For Sidecar shows you that there are ways you can get your baby closer to you without you buying a new crib. You can convert the crib you have into a sidecar, and that is what we have tried to address on this page for you. We hope you find the post interesting.

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