Best Crib For Breastfeeding

For new moms, it is essential that you have your new bundle of joy closer to you so that you can easily breastfeed whenever the demand arises. It can be quite challenging, considering you might have to constantly feed your baby. So, getting the best crib for breastfeeding will surely take you closer to your kids and reduce your chance of getting up often to breastfeed.

There are lots of cribs out there you can find solace in, but the 3 in 1 Baby Bassinets from AMKE go the extra mile in offering you’re the comfort and convenience needed in getting closer to your baby. It is easy to fold, adjustable, and safe for co-sleeping which makes it ideal for breastfeeding mothers.

Types Of Cribs You Can Consider

It is likely you get confused with the list of different cribs out there in the market. However, we want to share with you some of the types you can come across in the market, and that will help you in making the right choice.

Convertible Crib

This kind of crib offers you the platform to reduce your spending on new crib year in year out. It has the ability to grow with your child. It is also known as the 3 in 1 crib because of its ability. For mothers who are looking for a crib they can use for a very long time, the convertible crib is the right option to consider.

Although they come expensive with lots of alternatives but considering the timeless design, you can tell it is the right choice for new moms. Breastfeeding with a convertible crib makes life easier for any new mom, and its style of the design means you have all means to get your child closer to you.


It is another option for consideration for new moms. It is versatile, and that makes it a great investment for every new parent that is looking for a comfortable environment for their child. The bassinet is a choice for the first few months of life, and it helps in getting the child very close to you.

It literally gives the kids their own home where they get to rest so well with lots of comforts. It is somewhat beneficial than a convertible crib because of the size. It does come in a smaller size which makes it a great choice for those with small space.

It doesn’t eat up space, and it has a design that makes it easy for you to rock back and forth, which is what most kids sometimes need before they can fall asleep. The only setback with it is that it doesn’t grow with the child, as you might have to opt for a bigger crib once your baby is going to 3 to 6 months.

Travel Crib

The net-type of crib you can consider is the travel crib. It is the type that is often used away from home. If you are traveling on road or plane, going on vacation, or for a weekend trip, this type of crib is the perfect choice for you.

One of the convincing part or inspiring parts of the crib is that it is lightweight and very soft. So, you find it very easy to move from one place to another without hassles. Most of them are made from lightweight quality material and features a mesh or aluminum construction.

Since it is designed for traveling, you can tell it is convenient to handle. Also, it takes little time to set up, and they are prone to tear because they are mostly exposed to lots of things. This is not a permanent sleeping environment for your child.

Mini Crib

The other option for you to consider is the mini crib. You should never look down on it because of the small size. Sometimes all you need to stay comfortable is the small crib. It thus comes with a compact size with lots of features, and the most important one being the casters that make it easy for you to move easily.

It has lots of significant setbacks, and the first is that it is small; the second is that your baby will quickly outgrow the crib, which means you will have to invest in a larger crib.

Benefits Of Using The Crib For Breastfeeding

There are lots of benefits you get from using a crib, and they are discussed below.

Gives you enough space

Once your new baby comes into the house, you need to consider where the baby will sleep, and often time, and most parents take the baby on their bed. This means you have to be more careful with your movement on the bed so that you don’t end up hurting the newborn by rolling on him or her.

So, getting a crib will give the baby his or her own sleeping home where they can always rest at all times. So, with the design, nursing mothers can easily reach out to their kids and breastfeed without any difficulty.

Independent sleeping

Some kids love to sleep without disturbance, and using a crib means you’ve given them the right platform to sleep to any length. Some crib allows rocking style which means you can do things in the traditional way where you rock the crib back and forth till the baby fall asleep.

You have your bed to yourself

It is indeed a thing of joy to have one baby around after nine months of gestation. But not all new moms enjoy or appreciate the stress that comes with handling or catering for the baby. A crib will ensure you have time to stay alone on your bed while your baby is sleeping.

Safety Precautions

Whatever has a good side must have a bad side. As good as a crib is, if not used the right way or there is no safety measure, you are likely to end up regretting using one in the first place.

So, we have been able to come up with the right safety information you need to know after several reviews and recommendations. Basically, they are safety measures.


Sidebars of the crib are one of the important parts of the crib. When getting a crib, you need to ensure that the distance between the bars should be 2 to 3/8 inches apart from each other. The spacing is quite hard enough for your child to slip out of getting stuck with any part of their body.

Some cribs with big or large spaces can be dangerous. It has lots of treat to your child safety as any of them can easily out their hands, leg or even their head through space which will then end up in pain.

Bare platform

Most parents think because they are dealing with kids, they can have toys around in the crib, and that is wrong. There should be no toy, pillow, blankets in your child’s crib. For comfort and convenience, you should only add a waterproof pad and fitted sheet.

You should get rid of anything that could agitate the skin of your baby, anything that could make the crib environment unpleasant and less comfortable. Just leave it bare, and if your baby needs attention, you can do as appropriate to their demands.

Dust bunnies

You might be surprised to find out babies can easily hyper-react to anything around them. One of the things is dust and noise. You should always ensure you use a noise-canceling device where your kids can enjoy the serene environment.

Also, you are advised to always vacuum the crib and ensure it is free from dust and not just dirt. Take away anything that could trigger any unpleasant atmosphere for your child.

Cords and strings

You are to keep your baby crib away from the windows, curtains, and any form of cords. Babies are fond of pulling anything or laying their hands on anything that comes within their reach. So, to keep your baby safe, you should ensure the crib is nowhere near any cord or anything they can hold.


For comfort and safety, your child’s crib mattress must fit perfectly into the crib. It has to reach every corner of the crib frame. It is not safe to leave some space or holes, and that tells you that you need to make accurate measurements before getting a mattress for the crib.


Always run a check on the crib to ensure it is safe for your kids. You need to check the finishing of the crib, the touches, and many more. The idea behind this is that you should have nothing or no part that could harm the child.


This is another part of the safety you need to consider. Some cribs come with a caster that makes it easy for you to move around. Ensure it has a locking system so that you can be sure the crib will not move out of place even if anyone touches or try to move without your permission.


Getting The Best Crib For Breastfeeding requires you to know some essential information on cribs and the different types in the market. We’ve surely got you covered on this page, and we will be glad to hear about your experience with anyone soon.

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