Best Bed To Transition From Crib

It is pretty hard for new moms to know the right time to transition their baby from the crib to the bed. This page aims to help new moms know when exactly is the right time to put aside cribs and bring the baby closer to the bed.

Some parents believe that once the baby starts crawling and standing up to the crib rail is the best time to consider putting the crib aside, while some claim it should be six months or more. We will share more insight on what you ought to look into regarding this matter.

When Should You Transition Your Child From A Crib To A Bed?

There is no set-aside time to transition your baby from the crib to the bed. You should wait for your baby to grow up till they show signs they no longer feel comfortable staying in the crib.

Also, some find it easy to transition the baby from crib to bed once they feel the crib is taking more space, and the bed can serve to give the comfort required to keep your baby convenient and comfortable.

How Do You Transition From Crib To Bed?

This is the information that most new moms don’t know, and that is why they find it challenging to get it done for the correct result.

Don’t rush from crib to bed

If your baby shows a sign of contentment with the crib, then you have nothing to worry about the transition to bed. But for those that show escape signs and never find it pleasing to stay in the crib, you should consider the transition process.

Don’t rush the process. One of the things about baby growth and development is that each stage takes time. So, the bottom line is that you need not rush the bed transition, and you should only do that once the baby is ready to get off and start a new life on the bed.

Choose the best bed

When considering what it takes to transition into bed, you should get one of the best mattresses for your baby. If the bed you are getting will not give the comfort and convenience the crib gives your baby, you should never opt for the bed.

The bed you are getting must have an appealing design and shape that will conform to your baby’s shape. Check for the best brands to produce a comfortable bed and choose the best for your baby.

Don’t go through the transition phase under stress

The kind of experience you want to give your kids is like showing your baby that there is a comfortable platform than the crib. Take note that timing is everything, and if it is not the right time, you should never do it.

You need to be calmer to transition your baby from crib to bed. Please do not do it under stress or whenever you are tired. Your baby wants to see you feel happy, and they sure need enough time to go through the process. So, if you do not have the luxury of time, you should never try the transition.

Use comfortable bedding

Don’t ever think that your baby does not have a sense of adaptation. In its dynamic way, your baby must have found the bedding he or she is used to to be comfortable, and that is why you need to consider the bedding you will introduce if you are going through the transition process.

Nothing is wrong with you using the bedding that your baby is familiar with in the crib. You can bring the bedding on the bed, and your baby will indeed find it almost comfortable to relate with the bedding. However, if you do not want to use the former bedding for one reason or another, you should get one that is comfortable and convenient for your baby.

One of the things you need to look into is the clothing material, as you need to ensure it must be soft and smooth on your baby’s skin to make him or her feel relaxed on the bed.

Start with nap

As mentioned earlier, as taking the process with time, you should engage in the transition by starting with a nap. You should not just move your baby from the crib to the bed and expect the change to take effect without any issue.

It would help if you started with a nap. Carry your baby on the bed, pet the baby until he or she falls asleep. Then you can watch while the baby is sleeping. You can always do this every time you notice the baby is about to fall asleep.

Turn the bed to a play yard

You should not just stick with the nap method alone. Sometimes, you need to leave your baby on the bed while he or she is awake and play with your baby. You can spend quality time together as your baby will find it convenient to stay on the bed. Once your baby finds it easy to sleep on the bed without any support and they play quickly on the bed, too, it is time for you to put aside the crib and enjoy the bedtime.

Problems you are likely to face with the transition process

You should never expect the transition to the smooth, and you might be lucky it turns out to be smooth. However, there are some problems that you are likely to encounter.

Escaping from the bed

If your baby stays calm on the bed always, you must be too lucky to experience that. One of the everyday things transitioning from crib to bed is that babies find it so easy to move away from the bed. Please note that the crib they have been familiar with the crib atmosphere and knows how to move around without falling.

This is the same thing your baby will do on the bed, and since there is nothing to hold them back, just like the crib bars, you are likely to find your baby to be out of the bed. You do not have to worry about this too much, as it is part of the process.

You might have to leave your baby to sleep the way you meet him or her so that you do not have to break the sleep by touching your baby, especially for the one that is sensitive to touch.

In another way, the way you can avoid this is by creating something similar to the crib experience. You can have padded clothing around the bed to a form that can almost stop your baby from rolling off the bed quickly.

Resisting the bed

Some babies will never even allow you to put them on the bed. These are the kind that has been so comfortable in their crib or find the bed so strange. Therefore, you have to go through lots of soothing your baby to stay on the bed.

There are different pacifier devices that you can use, and the best is to bring in the toys your baby uses in the crib.

Waking up in the middle of the night

Sometimes you wonder how babies get to know about the changes taking place. Some can’t resist sleeping on the bed, but they find it easy to wake up in the middle of the night, and you will find it all hard to bring them to sleep again.

In this situation, you should carry the baby, pacify and ensure you soothe the baby to get back to sleep. If all efforts proved abortive, reverting to the crib should never be a wrong choice.

Frequently asked questions

Should I buy a separate bed for my baby?

Getting a new baby bed for your baby might not be a bad idea in the first place. While some see it as the best option with the transition process, some prefer to use the same bed with their baby. So, if you have the fortune to spend on a bed for your baby, it is never a wrong choice to make for you.

That which is essential is creating an atmosphere that is comfortable for your baby.

Should I read books about the transition from crib to bed?

Knowledge is power. Getting enough information about the transition will do you lots of good than bad. You will find it easy to get through the process without hassles.

Should I expect an easy transition?

Well, you might be lucky to experience that. However, you should prepare yourself to experience lots of stress with the transition as it is never going to be easy.


You’ve got to the right place to find the perfect information on the Best bed to transition from a crib. The process is never expected to be smooth and straightforward as it requires lots of time and patience to achieve the transition. We’ve got great information for you on this page, and we hope you get satisfied with it.

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