“Best Baby Stroller Buying Guide” – “How to Choose the Best Stroller”

First of all you need to know what is a Baby Stroller. Baby strollers are one kind of carrier to carry the child when you are on the outside of the home. Usually baby strollers construct with a steel / aluminum frame and there includes a seat for the baby. This seat may vary with the brands and models.

Most of the baby stroller has a comfortable seat to keep the baby happy in the stroller. A baby stroller also has a storage space where a parent can carry the necessary things of the child. When you will search about the best baby stroller, you will find thousands of models with the different prices. But its really tough to make sure that the stroller is the perfect one or not for your baby. That is the reason here I am writing the Best Baby Stroller Buying Guide for our readers to make expert about individual stroller.

Types of Baby Stroller :-

Before order a baby stroller, Parents should know the types of the baby stroller to make sure that he/she is ordering the right product. See below to know the types of The Baby Strollers.


Baby Stroller Buying Guide


This type is the traditional style of baby strollers. They are usually not high priced ( but some products have a high price ) and the weight of the strollers is 16 – 40 pounds. They are full featured products where the stroller has plenty of storage with a comfortable seat.

All the Standard Size Strollers are usually designed with car seat adapter and some of them offer full recline system to make the seat of the stroller flat. The recline feature of a stroller works as the alternative of the bassinet. Standard size baby stroller also has bigger and more maneuverable wheels. Some high-end products have the bassinet with the stroller.

Car Seat Frame:Best Baby Stroller Buying Guide

Car Seat Frame is less known to the parents. Especially to new parents, this style is not so familiar. This is the best option for the child between the age of 6-12 months. These products provide a frame which is suitable to use with the car seat. They are usually lightweight and easily fit with a car seat. This type of strollers is highly recommended for the new parents.



UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller Denny Review

There are some models of strollers which are very Lightweight. The average weight of them is between 8-17 pounds. Because of the lightweight, some features are missing. But they are great for those people who has to travel a lot and want to carry the stroller with them. This style is suitable for the child who has the age 0-6 months. They are usually built without the car seat adapter. Order a lightweight stroller only if you have to carry the stroller with you all the time. They are also compact in design to store it in a little space.

Jogging:Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

After giving birth of a child, it is very necessary to get the perfect body shape like before. Most of the parents love to do jogging to get a perfect body shape. But the fact is, most of the strollers are not jogging stroller. Jogging Strollers have better suspension than the as usual strollers. They help the user to carry the child on extreme terrains. They have good maneuverable wheels to make sure the perfect movement of the stroller. When you are ordering a jogging stroller, make sure the stroller has a good suspension. They are usually costly but has great features. Don’t go for the low priced products. Most of them claim they are jogging stroller but actually they don’t.



Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller, Laguna

If you have to carry two children at the same time, you should order a Double Stroller. Double Strollers can be with different outlooks. The popular two version of double strollers is the side by side double stroller and the front and rear sea double stroller. They are usually designed for heavy weight capacity and large accommodation. Double strollers also have large storage space to carry things of two children. Some of the double strollers have specially designed for Twin Babies. There is also a popular version of the double stroller which is called sit N stand double stroller. This type of double strollers has a seat on the front side and a standing platform on the rear side. Depending on your need, you can go for any of the product.


Travel Systems: Travel System Stroller

Like the name of this type, they are designed especially for traveling. Suppose you love to travel a lot. Or you go for an outing at every weekend and you want to carry the stroller with you. In that case, a Travel Stroller can make the things easier for you. They are a combo package of a car seat with a stroller. Though it sounds good that they have great features, but most of the products are not that quality which customers expect. It happens most of the time with the low priced products. But if you stay careful about the feature, you will be able to get a better product. On this Travel System Stroller you can get Stroller / Stroller Frame & Car Seat.

How to Choose the Best Baby Stroller ???

  1. Maneuverability
  2. Seat
  3. Canopy
  4. Suspension
  5. Wheel Size
  6. Portability &
  7. Storage

Maneuverability :

Why you buy a baby stroller? To carry the child in different places and you want to move with the child. That is why the Maneuverability is very much important for a stroller. Keep in mind that the child gains weight more when he/she is 6 months to 3 years. Your child will grow from an average 16 – 32 pounds at that time. And more weight you carry in the stroller maneuverability becomes difficult. It is true for almost all the products which are used to carry weight. We all know every product is easy to maneuver when empty. But you should consider a product which can give better maneuverability even with heavy weight. This feature will make strolling easy in the rough surfaces.

Seat : 

When you will stroll the stroller the toddler will stay in the Seat. So it is so much important to make sure that the seat of the stroller is comfortable. Most of the strollers have padded seat and have straps. But if you want to keep your child cool in the stroller, you should also check if there is enough air passing system available or not. Also, make sure the reclining system is available or not. Though most of the strollers claim that they have the reclining system, but only a few of them has the actual features. Check how many reclining positions is available in the stroller. This feature helps to go flat the set. It is very helpful when your child needed a nap. Generally, the high priced product has that feature perfectly. Though some low priced products also have the feature, but you have to find the best one.

Canopy : 

The next thing which is very important for the toddler is the Canopy. The canopy of a stroller helps to keep the toddler safe from the direct heat of the sun. As we know there are a lot of harmful rays in sun ray. As like UV ray can make skin cancer, that is why a good canopy is needed. This is will protect the sun heat also the cold wind in the winter. Some strollers also have an extendable canopy which is very useful. Another feature which is needed in the canopy is the peekaboo window. Peekaboo window helps the parent to keep eye on the toddler. This peekaboo window also passes air to the toddler to keep him cool.

Suspension : 

When you go outside with the stroller. In that case, the stroller needed a good Suspension system to keep the child safe. Usually, the suspension system is not so much important, but is too much important for the extreme terrains. In the winter season, when you have to ride on the ice you need the best suspension system for the stroller. Usually, the three wheels’ strollers are great for suspension. Though the price of them is a little bit high but some brands also produce strollers with a good suspension which has a low price.

Wheel Size : 

One feature can change the whole products performance. The performance of the stroller greatly depends on the wheel size of it. Maneuverability much depends on the Wheels Size. When we have searched the stats about different types of wheels, the highest score was gained by the rubber wheels. Rubber wheels are air filled and they have a great ability to roll over on different surfaces with less effort. Rubber wheels are easy to move by pushing on the handlebars. As they are air filled, so they also give good performance in the extreme terrains. Big sized three wheels are better than the small sized wheels. Though the price may vary with the models and brands, but you will find a better one within 150-300.

Portability : 

Another great feature of the strollers is the Portability. Most of the big products are now going to the portable form. If you want to carry the stroller when you are going outside it is easy with a portable one. This feature also helps to store the stroller within a little space. But the fact is how easy it is to fold. Different brands use the different mechanism to fold the stroller. Usually, most of the strollers have designed with a belt which you can use to fold the stroller. Some other models also have the different style to fold the stroller.

Storage :

When it is about a child accessory, storage space is highly needed. This is one of the most important features of the strollers. When you will go for a walk on outside, you need to carry the diaper bag, some toys, some extra clothes and water with. That is why a good storage space in a stroller is highly needed. Most of the strollers have the Storage space under the seat. Some strollers also have a carrying bag on the back side of the seat of the stroller. Also, the cup holders needed to carry the beverages with the stroller. Some small compartments also can be very helpful to carry the purse, key, cell phone etc. Strollers which are above 100 have storage basket. So, if you need a good storage in the stroller then you should order a stroller which is above 100.

You can see this Infographic. Infographic is a very popular graphical system to describe biggest article in a short Canvas. In this Infographic I show you – How To Choose The Best Stroller For Your Sweet Baby ! ! !

Final Verdict :

Some other features are also needed in a baby stroller. Such as the Adjustable Handlebars, Safety Harness, Padded Seat etc. Though I have discussed the very Basic Features Of A Stroller, but there are also some other models with some extra facilities. It actually depends on the price of the stroller. Usually, the high priced products have more features. Check the brand at first and then check the features of the product to make sure that you are getting the right product. Some recommended brands for baby strollers are –