Childhood is a challenging, exciting and fun stage in life. Every parent wants the best for their kids. The intellectual, mental and well being of kids is important especially when they are growing up. 

You bring up your kids in the best way possible so that they can be prepared when they will be on their own. Every experience provides an opportunity to learn and grow. Childhood is the most vital stage for building mental, emotional and physical foundations. 

As a parent or a loved one, you should work on giving your kids tools to help them build a successful life. Children enjoy playing games and music make games fun. Musical games are great for children in many ways.

We refer 5 best Musical Games For Toddler

1. Osmo Coding Jam Game
2. Spontuneous The Song Game
3. Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing Game
4. DropMix Music Gaming System
5. Encore Game

Benefits Of Musical Games For Kids

Music improves creativity while cultivating many skills. Music has a positive effect on the overall development of kids. Brain development can be accelerated by music. Musical games help improve memory functions and brain power of kids. As the kid plays, the music stimulates parts of the brain.

This is especially important in emotional and cognitive development. Musical games also help increase a child’s sensory development. When a child is exposed to different types of music, it helps create more pathways between brain cells. This becomes more effective when the music is linked to different activities like playing games.

Music games will also teach kids patience and instil discipline. While playing, they have to be patient and disciplined to get through the levels of the game. The child also builds coordination while playing musical games as they are controlling the game and at the same time listening to the music.

These games help in lifting the moods of a child. When a kid is down, playing a musical game can aid in lifting his/her spirit and calm them down.

Whether it is writing lyrics or playing instruments, musicians are creative people. When kids are playing musical games, the music and the game help them to channel their inner creative spirits. This gives them an edge later in life. Below, we have some awesome musical games for kids of all ages to enjoy. If you want to read more about games your child will love, be sure to check StarWalkKids review guides where you can find more information.

The following are awesome musical games the kids will love​​​​

#1. Osmo Coding Jam Game

This game can help kids succeed in a digital world. Coding is a modern language. In this game, you place tangible blocks into sequences and patterns. You then enter a world where you can control characters along with the music they perform.

While playing, you create and layer drumbeats and melodies. You do this while building compositions with fun characters from different worlds. You make your beat come alive by combining unique coding blocks into patterns and sequences.

The physical blocks act as coding commands, it is an easy way for kids to code. Each block is part of an open-ended music studio. It has many instrument and characters that are used to create music. The music created can be shared with family members.

This game teaches sequencing and pattern recognition while building an ear for harmony, melody and rhythm. It helps kids understand the fundamentals of coding enhance problem-solving skills and develop logic while integrating multiplicative thinking. The game requires iPad/Fire Tablet and the Osmo play system to play. It is compatible with all kids’ edition tablets.

#2. Spontuneous The Song Game

More often than not, when we hear a word, a song pops up in our mind. Spontuneous - The Song Game - Sing It or Shout It is a popular party game. A word is given and there is a competition on blurting out a song with the word. 

You don’t have to be good at singing. When you hear a word, you spontaneously burst into a tune when a song containing that word pops in your head. For instance, if the word is “shopping”, you start singing about shopping. It requires 4-10 players and can be played in teams.

This is an exciting game for entertain your family and friends. It is a great game to spice up a get-together. All age groups can play it. The fun and excitement of Spontuneous the song game will have you burst into laughter for hours. The objective of the game is stopping other people from singing a song with the trigger word. The player to get to the finish first wins.

The is the only musical game which crosses all ages and genres, and it sparks memories of music and conversations.

#3. Ideal Hot Potato Electronic Musical Passing Game

This is an ideal family game. 2-6 players can play it. The game starts when you squeeze the hot potato and the music starts. The spud is passed from player to player. You should not be caught with the spud when the music stops. It is an elimination game.

When you are caught with the stud when the music stops, you take a potato chip card. 3 potato chip cards mean you are out. The last player with less than 3 potato chip cards wins the game. Kids can play it from the age of 4 years.

#4. DropMix Music Gaming System

This game lets you create song mixes. It consists of DropMix cards, instructions and electronic DropMix board. There are 3 ways to play; party freestyle or clash.

You drop cards on the board to start playing to freestyle your mix on the DropMix app. It has music cards featuring songs by famous artists. It offers an opportunity to discover and explore new music. More DropMix cards expand the mix possibilities.

DropMix cards can offer you a chance to mix songs by Bruno Mars, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Sam Hunt, Childish Gambino and more. You can compete with friends and create song mixes. It is a great game for kids who love mixing music - it gives them an opportunity to be a DJ! It requires a freeDropMix app on Android devices, iPads and iPhones.

#5. Encore Game

This is a singing game - it is a great game for those who love singing. You try to come up with a song that has a certain word. Many players can play it. To win the game, your team should remember part of songs with certain words until the end.

After remembering a song with the specific word on the card, the team should sing. For instance, if your team gets the word black, you should come up at least seven words of a song with the word black. After you do, the other team does the same.

This goes on until one team gives in. Repetition is not allowed. If a team cannot identify a song in 30 seconds, they lose the round and the other team is awarded points. The rules of the game can differ depending on the game version.

Singing together as a team eliminates any feeling of embarrassment one might feel. It is a fun and engaging game. Challenge words in encore game can be love, Friday, happy and more. The singing in this game can help make those who love singing sing better. 

Final Thoughts

Activities with music are a perfect way to keep your child active. Musical games are fun. The whole family can play most musical games.

Showing and letting your kid play games with a positive impact is your responsibility. So, create a great day for your little one by playing a musical game with them.

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